Plugin development strategy : still Eclipse 3? Really?

Let’s take 35 minutes to explain how you can write your new plugins using the Eclipse 4 concepts and definitively stop to use the E3 UI extension points. 

Writing pure Eclipse 4 plugins is easier (thanks to injection, application model fragments, spies, …)  and simplifies the unit tests for UI components. 

This talk will also explain how to mix your pure E4 plugins properly with your E3 legacy plugins. It will be a complementary talk if you could not attend the E4 tutorial. 

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Fostering New Contributors In SWT: Lessons In Community Management

Traditionally, a great deal of importance is placed on the value of technical contributions to a project. However, an oft-overlooked aspect of open source development is the community itself, as well as the ability of a project to attract (and maintain) a wide variety of contributors.

This talk will focus on the importance of growing new contributors using real-life lessons, and examples encountered in SWT.

It will begin with non-technical aspects of community management, namely:

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