Volunteer Recording Crew

Join our volunteer recording crew!

Be part of the EclipseCon recording crew for 2019 and experience the conference first hand!

Whether you’re new to the crew or returning after many years, we’d be glad to hear from you. Many of our volunteers have been participating over several conferences - and we’re happy to report, that we’ve had for the last two conferences alone, more than 6,000 views of the recordings on YouTube. This year there will be over 120 talks to be recorded, lots of exciting people to meet and interesting conversations to be held.

The crew meets in Ludwigsburg on Monday October 21 for training. Recordings begin on Tuesday morning October 22 and continue  through Thursday October 24. Food and lodging are covered by the conference. For more information please send us an email!

A special thank you (in pictures) to the volunteers who participated at EclipseCon 2018.



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