Eclipse Community Day & Community Evening

Community Day
Monday, October 21


The Eclipse Community Day is designed to provide casual interaction and community-organized meetings that are ideal for Eclipse Working Groups, Eclipse projects, and similar groups that form the Eclipse community.

Community Day includes project meetings, technology discussions, workshops, coding sessions, working group gatherings, and more. Lunch and breaks are included, and the day ends with a casual reception.

The Community Day schedule will be published in early fall, after everything is planned.

NEW! Community Evening
Tuesday, October 22

Community Evening offers more content and fun organized by the community! Project summits, hackathons, technology town halls, table topic gatherings in the Power-up Lounge, or whatever idea sounds good. We'll provide the space, you figure out how best to use it.

Community Evening is new, so we are still working out the details. Stay tuned for more information!

How to Participate

1. Register

To participate in Community Day, register for a pass that includes Monday – either a Four-Day Pass, or a One-Day Pass for Community Day.

To participate in Community Evening, register for a pass that includes Tuesday, October 22 (a Four-Day Pass, a Three-Day Pass, or a One-Day Pass for Tuesday). The registration fee varies with the type of pass; see the registration page for details.

2. Sign up on the Wiki Page

Whether you plan to organize a gathering yourself, or just want to see what's being planned, visit the Community Day wiki page.

Meet & Greet

To end Community Day and kick off the rest of the conference, plan to attend the Meet & Greet. This is especially aimed at new attendees, but everyone is welcome.

Power-up Lounge

Throughout the week, the ground floor foyer is set up with tables, power strips, and wired lines. On Community Day and Community Evening, some tables can be reserved as gathering or hacking spots for groups.


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