Project Quality Day


Join us for the 6th edition of the Project Quality Day at EclipseCon Europe!

"Quality Through Development – and Beyond"

The scope of quality is changing. We all know that we are supposed to test early and often (and sometimes this even works!). But the pipelines, releases and environments our software run on are changing. Aspects such as the cloud, highly automated delivery pipelines, and testing and monitoring in production are certainly challenges, but also opportunities to shine in our quality. The possibilities for when to test are expanding. The tools for how and what to test are increasing. Various techniques (TDD, exploratory testing, mobbing) accompany us and must be adapted into new processes and release strategies.

This edition of the Project Quality Day addresses developers, DevOps team members, testers and project leads. We welcome speakers, sponsors and participants from the Eclipse Community, the Testing Community and also from industrial and / or academic institutions.

The Project Quality Day schedule is aligned with ECE, so the talks will be at the same times, and the conference keynote, breaks, lunch, and evening activities will also be a part of the day.

The day's sessions are held at the FMZ, our secondary conference venue. Please pick up your badge at the Forum (the main conference venue) before coming to the FMZ.


Topics that fall into the Project Quality Day include (but are not limited to)

  • Testing and quality for web applications
  • Testing applications that run in the cloud
  • Monitoring in production
  • Strategies for faster release cycles and feedback (canary releases, feature toggles, …)
  • Web testing strategies, tools and techniques
  • Unit Testing and TDD
  • Testing Web APIs
  • Testing modern UIs
  • DevOps
  • Delivery pipelines
  • Developer-led quality
  • The tester’s role in a project
  • Bringing the whole team on board for quality
  • Case studies
  • Build, release, and maintenance modern systems
  • Testing non-functional attributes


Registration will open in mid-June.

If you are attending ECE / OSGi, you are invited to attend some or all of the Project Quality Day talks on Wednesday, October 23, at no extra charge.

Alternatively, you may register for the Project Quality Day only, and attend just those talks, plus the conference keynote, lunch, breaks, and evening reception.


If you have an idea for a talk for the Project Quality Day, please propose it! See the Call for Papers page for more information.

Program Committee

Talks are chosen by these members of the community:

  • Alexandra Schladebeck, BREDEX GmbH
  • Boris Baldassari, Castalia Solutions
  • Begoña Laibarra, SQS Spain

To learn more about the committee, see the Program Committee page.


Sponsorships for the Project Quality Day are available. For information, please see the online prospectus, or email us for more information.

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