About the Program Committee

We are proud to say that the sessions and keynotes at EclipseCon Europe / OSGI Community Event are chosen by an independent program committee made up of volunteers from the Eclipse and OSGi communities.

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Torkild Ulvøy Resheim (committee chair) is a senior software engineer and co-owner of Itema, a software consultancy based in Trondheim, Norway. As a contractor and consultant, he has helped companies use a wide range of Eclipse technologies for the past decade. Most of this time have been spent developing solutions for the semiconductor, maritime, and offshore energy sectors. Torkild runs the Trondheim Eclipse User Group, sits on the Eclipse Architecture Council and the Eclipse Science PMC, and helps out in the Eclipse Science Working Group. He is also a solutions member representative on the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors.

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Cédric Brun, CEO at Obeo, strives to build great products in Eclipse and on Eclipse, mostly focused on pragmatic modeling technologies to build high value tools for industry, aerospace, and automotive, plus commercializing off-the-shelve products for system engineering and enterprise architecture. He is a member of the Modeling PMC, project lead of Amalgam, and a committer on the Acceleo and Sirius projects.

Ivar Grimstad is a Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and JUG Leader working as Principal Consultant for Cybercom Group in Sweden. He is the PMC Lead for Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J) and involved in the forming of Jakarta EE.  He is also in the Java Community Process as a member of the Executive Committee, Spec Lead for JSR 371 (MVC 1.0), and has served as Expert Group Member for a number of JSRs, such as JSR 375 (Java EE Security API). Ivar is also involved in Eclipse MicroProfile as well as being an Apache NetBeans Committer and a frequent speaker at International developer conferences.

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Noopur Gupta works as a software engineer at IBM India and is an Eclipse enthusiast. She co-leads the Eclipse Java Development Tools project and has been a committer on the project for more than six years. Prior to that, she was associated with Eclipse during her work at SAP Labs India. She received her bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering in 2010. Noopur has been an evangelist of Eclipse technologies and is a frequent speaker at several Eclipse events.

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Jonas Helming (chair emeritus) is General Manager of EclipseSource Munich as well as a consultant, trainer, and software engineer. His focus is on Java, UI Modeling, Eclipse RCP, Eclipse Modeling, and Eclipse 4. Jonas is an active member of the Eclipse community and serves as lead of two Eclipse projects and contributes to others. In 2013, he won the Eclipse Top Newcomer Evangelist award. He has also published a book about the Eclipse 4.2 SDK.

Kai Hudalla has been working at Bosch on solutions for the Internet of Things in application domains like smart home, energy management, e-mobility, and automotive long before the term reached its recent popularity and ubiquity. He is an active member of the Eclipse community and serves as lead of two Eclipse IoT projects while contributing to others. When speaking at conferences his main focus is on scalable device connectivity for cloud deployments. In his free time, Kai enjoys cooking, golfing and quality TV series.

Achim Lörke is a managing director at BREDEX GmbH in Germany. He is also the project lead for the Eclipse Jubula project. His work focus is on software architectures, open source strategies and managing the software quality assurance team at BREDEX. His involvement with Eclipse started about 10 years ago when the closed source predecessor of Jubula was developed as an RCP application. In his spare time he likes to paddle his canoe and to stargaze (obviously at different times and locations).

Christian Pontesegger fell in love with Eclipse in 2007 and develops RCP applications for Infineon Technologies AG ever since. While this involves lots of low level device communication, his passion belongs to scripting. As project lead of EASE, he tries to make Eclipse more dynamic and adaptable to the needs of its users.

Jens Reimann is a Senior Software Engineer in the messaging team of Red Hat, focusing on IoT related topics. In addition to working with several Eclipse and OSGi based technologies for many years, he is also committer on several Eclipse IoT projects, IoT PMC co-lead, and project lead of two projects: Eclipse NeoSCADA and Eclipse Package Drone.

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Doug Schaefer is a software tools architect at BlackBerry QNX working on the QNX Momentics IDE. He is the long time committer and project lead for the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools project (CDT) and a recent winner of the Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award. Doug’s claim to fame is the fast C++ indexer in the CDT which still beats all newcomers in performance and accuracy. His main focus lately is on building software development tools for embedded systems developers who continue to need great tools to help build these complex systems.

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Kevin Sutter has been actively developing in Java ever since he could spell "WebSphere". Kevin's most recent endeavor is leading the IBM effort on the Eclipse MicroProfile project (http://microprofile.io). He is also an active member of the Eclipse EE4J PMC (https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/ee4j), which is guiding the effort of moving Java EE to Jakarta EE in the Eclipse Foundation. He will also be participating on the Steering and Specification committees for the Jakarta EE Working Group.

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Matthias Zimmermann holds a PhD in computer science and loves exploring new open source technologies in the domains of IoT, machine learning and blockchain. In his free time he enjoys having time with his family, tinkering with IoT and giving flying lessons.

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Program Committee for the Project Quality Theme Day


Alexandra Schladebeck is the head of Software Quality and Test Consulting at BREDEX GmbH. Her passion is communicating with people in IT projects, most specifically about quality. She works with customers, testers, users and developers to help them improve quality in their projects and processes. Her main areas of interest are quality in agile projects, communication, training testers and test automation. You’ll usually find Alex talking about quality and how it affects the whole development process. She’s also a frequent speaker at conferences where she likes to share her project experiences and learn from other practitioners.

Boris Baldassari is an expert in software development methods and tools. He has worked for Telelogic and IBM, servicing the industry in the bank, insurance, automotive, and aeronautics domains. In 2011, Boris began working with SQuORING Technologies and the SequeL research team from the INRIA Lille on a research project about mining software engineering data for useful knowledge: Maisqual. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2014, and started his own company, Castalia Solutions, to deliver advanced consulting on the software lifecycle process and development data visualization.

Begoña Laibarra is a manager at SQS S.A., where her work includes design and implementation of SQA process improvement. She has a master's degree in Robotics and Automation.

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