What GraalVM means for the Eclipse IDE

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GraalVM is a new high-performance polyglot VM from Oracle that will probably replace the HotSpot JVM sometime in the future. Reason enough to take a look at the first releases of the GraalVM and explore what that means for Eclipse. This talks gives an intro to GraalVM, explains the different pieces, and explores possible ways to use GraalVM together with the Eclipse IDE. Among the topics we will talk about:

  • What is GraalVM? (the different parts explained)
  • What is GraalVM useful for?
  • Running Eclipse on GraalVM - what is possible and what is the difference? (numbers and early experiences)
  • Running language servers in Eclipse as native images?
  • Experiments running JDTs AST parsing as a native image (inside of a language server)

Since GraalVM is rapidly evolving and improving, this talk will cover work-in-progress and share early experiences using GraalVM.


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Learn the basics of the GraalVM project and get a brief overview about what GraalVM might be useful for in the context of building tools for Eclipse.
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Basic knowledge of JVMs is a plus.
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this is a hot topic

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