A tale of Rust, the ESP32 and IoT

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The Rust programming language is an amazing step forward. And it is designed to eliminate a good portion of programming errors, already during compile time. It is a language designed for systems programming, and that makes it so valuable in the context of embedded software development.

This talk gives a very brief introduction to the Rust language, in order to get a basic understanding of why Rust can be so valuable in this context. On the example of creating a small IoT test application on an ESP32 developer board, this talk walks you through the current state, the pitfalls, and lessons learned. But it also shows what you already can do, how the Eclipse IDE, with the language server protocol, is a valuable tool for the development process. And it gives an outlook on what the future might bring.


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Give a brief introduction into Rust and why it is a great for embedded development. Tell a bit about the pitfalls, the current state of Rust on the ESP32, and how the Eclipse IDE with the language server protocol is a great tool.
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Have some basic knowledge or interest in embedded software development.

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