Evolve Java APIs and keep them compatible using PDE API Tools

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This session will cover what it means to have an API in Java. I will explain how an exposed API can be maintained and evolved over releases. I will talk about evolving APIs without breaking the clients. Interesting cases like generification of APIs will be discussed. I will  also discuss the various rules of versioning in case the API needs to have breaking changes.

The session will explain the different types of incompatibilities - like binary, source, behavorial incompatibilities etc. with examples. I will demonstrate the examples live during the session.

The session will also cover best practices in evolving APIs. In addition, I will discuss and  demonstrate a few interesting API evolution puzzles.

In the last part of the session, I will cover the pitfalls in API evolution and how API Tools can be used to detect and rectify them. I will also discuss about versioning in this era of multiple releases in a year.

In this session, basic knowledge of Java is required. The attendees will understand API evolution in Java and the usage of API Tools to achieve API evolution.


Objective of the presentation: 
The objective of this session is to show what it means to expose an API in Java. I will talk about various types of incompatibilities and how to evolve Java APIs while maintaining compatibility with the client code. There will be demos of interesting Java API evolution puzzles. Also, it will cover pitfalls of Java API evolution and how API Tools helps users in avoiding them.
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Basic Java knowledge is required.
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Most developers don't know all the details and pitfalls when it comes to add or change APIs. This talk shows how to do it right and how PDE API Tools can help.

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