From Eclipse hawkBit to Update Factory: How to Take an Open Platform to Production.

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Nowadays there are several well engineered open projects available and they may serve different industries for prototyping a solution without starting from scratch. In the scope of delivering software artifacts from remote, Eclipse hawkBit is definitely one of those great open projects. As an Embedded Software Service Company, Kynetics selected hawkBit for creating its own delivery platform to serve its internal CI and its customers’ embedded device ecosystem. However taking an open platform, which may offer a solid backend architecture and API, from an evaluation stage to a solution ready for production requires significant effort.  From real world use cases we were able to identify the drivers and the philosophy of the product and service we wanted to provide. At the same time we also identified the missing blocks in the overall picture and started to add our own contribution especially regarding the client-side of the architecture.  To us it was quite clear that the client would have a crucial role in the business logic and philosophy behind a remote update. In particular the hawkBit methodology to handle Software Distributions enables the delivery of artifacts for any operating system installed on the target device: Android APKs, Android Updates, Linux OS and applications and Docker images. Finally, the client implementation will take care of deploying artifacts on the target device in a robust manner. The session will cover also aspects related to integrated development tools, security and how a delivery platform is essential in the project automation in different stages like development or production.


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This session goes into the details of how we engineered our remote software delivery platform for Embedded Devices, starting from the use cases which are typical of the embedded and IoT industry, including what we have learned working closely everyday with our customers.
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