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As a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, EclipseCon has always been our primary conference and the place-to-be. We are a core contributor to a huge variety of Eclipse and open source projects, therefore EclipseCon is a perfect opportunity to learn about new things, to talk to users and adopters and of course to get in contact with new potential customers.

Read an interview with Jonas Helming to learn more about the EclipseSource contributions to the program on themes such as the Eclipse Theia platform, modeling tools, Eclipse 4 and general web-related topics.

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For more than 10 years itemis has been a member of the Eclipse Foundation and therefore we are delighted to be part of the EclipseCon Europe again. For more than a decade we have not missed a single conference. The networking opportunities are just outstanding and it’s always a great chance to get an early view on the new and upcoming trends in the Eclipse ecosystem. After such a long time of active contributions and participation, the Eclipse community is not simply a group of technology enthusiasts for us, but more like a family and group of very good friends always welcoming new members to the table.

Traditionally we are not only attending the conference, but we are actively shaping the program. Also this year, itemis is presenting a wide range of Eclipse related, deep technical content. Amongst others, our topics cover Eclipse Modelling technology, Systems Engineering in the Automotive Industry or Machine Learning, and we are also encouraging our customers to talk about the cool stuff they build together with us on top of Eclipse. Our YAKINDU product family includes Eclipse technologies such as EMF, GEF and Xtext/Xtend/Xpand. YAKINDU tools can be integrated in your tool chain and support software and systems engineering from the first to last step. They are modularly applicable depending on your requirements. For every project phase or stage of development there is a tool to increase efficiency.

With a total of eight speakers and 10 Talks, we make our contribution to a lively EclipseCon Europe 2018 and share our expertise with the community. With such a track record, we are looking forward to a great EclipseCon Europe again and are proud to be part of the success story! In addition we will host several lightning talks at our booth with a wide range of technical- and entertaining topics.


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Liferay is once again proud to sponsor the OSGi Community Event for the 4th consecutive year. The OSGi Community Event co-located with EclipseCon Europe has provided an amazing opportunity to showcase the open source Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). We're excited to share more about what we've learned about going modular and the technologies we've been working on to make the journey even better.

As Strategic Members of the OSGi Alliance and most recently as Solutions Member of the Eclipse Foundation, Liferay is demonstrating how important OSGi, Eclipse, Open Standards and Open Source are for us and the interaction with OSGi and Eclipse technology experts and users is always a real pleasure.

Join us for two sessions given by Ray Augé, "OSGi CDI Integration Specification", "MicroProfile: OSGi was meant for this!"

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This year, we are really excited about getting your feedback on our last work to bring Sirius to the web. Your opinions matter and we always appreciate your input.

The future of graphical modeling tools is online and Sirius takes its share of responsibility! If you want to get more details about this new step, feel free to drop by our booth or to attend one of our talks including on Wednesday, the one about the various improvements made in Sirius 6.1.

Well, SiriusCon the international conference on graphical modeling, is also moving forward! Indeed SiriusCon 2018, is going online! Stay tuned and save the date: 4th and 5th of December.


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As Strategic Members of the Eclipse Foundation, the Payara team is dedicated to helping shape the future of open source. We’re excited to be part of EclipseCon Europe. Our involvement allows us to support the sustainability of the community, participate in marketing programs, and have direct access to the governance of both the Jakarta EE Working Group and the Eclipse Foundation. Join Payara’s Rudy De Busscher for a session on JAX-RS  including code examples to show the theory in action. Meet with Steve Millidge, the founder of Payara, and stop by our booth to chat with Jadon Ortlepp from the marketing department to learn more about the Payara Platform and our Support Services .


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Red Hat

We at Red Hat, a leader in open source and a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, are very excited to come back to EclipseCon Europe in support of the many open source projects we support, such as Eclipse MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, Vert.x, Hono, Kapua, Kura as well as Eclipse Che. This year, Red Hat and Eclipse Che are sponsoring the Eclipse Community Day on October 22nd, which will include many activities: “meet the spec” talks and process and implementation discussions on MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, Eclipse Che and Theia Contributors Summit, IoT Working Group meeting, among others.

In addition, Red Hat and Eclipse Che will have 18 sessions/talks combined on a variety of topics, like Eclipse MicroProfile and Eclipse Che & Theia. We are looking forward to seeing you at ECE 2018 and remember to come and visit us at the Red Hat booth (booth #1) and at the Eclipse Che booth (booth #11) and pick up your swag!

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Renesas has been developing our own Eclipse based IDE product now for over 8 years for Embedded Developers using Renesas hardware. This has been a great success and a large part of the success is down to the rich environment provided by the Eclipse project communities.

Renesas understands that contribution and commitment to the Open Source Community enables us to create and deliver better solutions to the market faster than ever.

EclipseCon provides Renesas the opportunity to engage with these diverse communities and allows us to really understand the great work that is going on. In particular the C/C++ Developer Toolkit and OpenADx community are those that we have an active participation in.

Last year was our first with a booth and this gave us a great opportunity to show the attendees what we are doing and really get to meet members of the community. We are doing it again this year after last year's success.

Be sure to visit our booth this year for a look at our OpenADx autonomous driving simulation technology demonstrator!



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Markus Duft, SSI Schäfer IT Solutions

EclipseCon has been a great source of information for us over the past few years. We are using the Eclipse IDE (a quite customized/extended one) to develop Eclipse RCP applications, so the conference has always been a double win for us. Taking into account that not only the talks are great, but also the networking and discussion possibilities are endless, makes the conference well worth it for us.

We are developing an intralogistics software program that is in use in very large scale warehouses around the world. The application is composed of a handful of RCP applications with millions of lines of code in hundreds of bundles. Even more interesting for conference attendees are our customizations for the IDE, which are currently being open sourced and becoming part of the Eclipse ecosystem. If you want to know more, feel free to come and visit my talk "LcDsl: a new dawn for launch configurations" - 25 Oct 2018 - 14:00 in Bürgersaal 2.

We are proud to be a sponsor of the conference again and we really hope that it will continue to flourish!

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Looking Forward to EclipseCon Europe 2019

Autumn time is EclipseCon time! As every year, the Eclipse community is gathering in the cute town of Ludwigsburg in the southwest of Germany to present new achievements, discuss new ideas and shape the future of one of the most successful open-source projects. It’s a global, diverse and welcoming community gathering. We at TypeFox are proud to be an active member of this for a long time.

Eclipse has evolved from a pure Java IDE, over a platform for tool integration on the desktop, towards an incubation tank for modern cloud-based development tooling. If you search for the place where all flavors of development tools and frameworks are concentrating, it’s here. We are happy that our latest cloud-based endeavors, Theia and Sprotty, found a home under the Eclipse umbrella.

TypeFox contributes seven sessions to the program, covering a wide range of topics from cloud-based RCPs and IDEs (Theia), diagrams and DSLs tools in the web (Sprotty, Xtext, LSP), an introduction to Kubernetes and a new programming language for IoT (Mita).

If you want a demo of or cloud-based IDE Gitpod, have any questions or anything else to tell us, just drop by our booth.

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