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Learn more about the EclipseSource contributions to the program on themes such as the Eclipse Theia platform, modeling tools, Eclipse 4 and general web-related topics. Jonas Helming, managing director at EclipseSource, leads two Eclipse projects, is a committer on several others and is a former Chair of the EclipseCon Program Committee.

Q - Why is EclipseCon important to the team at EclipseSource?

As a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, EclipseCon has always been our primary conference and the place-to-be. We are a core contributor to a huge variety of Eclipse and open source projects, therefore EclipseCon is a perfect opportunity to learn about new things, to talk to users and adopters and of course to get in contact with new potential customers.

Q - If you had to choose a theme to watch at the conference, what would it be?

A new trending topic at EclipseCon is definitely the growing interest into web-based tools. It is interesting for projects, whether web-based tooling is already a valid alternative and if so when and how to migrate. A lot of this interest is focussed around Eclipse Theia, a new platform for building web-based tools and IDEs.

Q - EclipseSource is focused on tools and modeling tools in particular. Your team is combining web-based tools with this focus in several projects. Tell us more about your team's presentations this year.

We will share our experience on how we created a custom IDE based on Eclipse Theia as well as on how to build modeling tools in the web. Besides Theia, we also cover more general web related topics, e.g. how to deal and convert EMF to JSON and vice versa and JSON Forms 2.0. While the web-based platform is currently gaining speed, it is by far not suited for every project. At EclipseCon, we share our experience in deciding between a web-based and a desktop-based tool project and how to develop a strategy for a migration.

Of course, we also cover the major technology platform Eclipse, which is still by far the most powerful framework to build tools upon. Therefore, we present a tutorial about Eclipse 4, a talk about building tools based on EMF and an overview on how to implement a UML-based tool with Papyrus.

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