If, when and how? - Strategies towards web-based tooling

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There is currently a big hype surrounding web-based tooling . New projects and frameworks are popping up and existing projects get more traction both in- and outside the Eclipse ecosystem, e.g. Eclipse Che, Eclipse Theia, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Eclipse Drigible, and Eclipse Orion. While the dissemination of web-based tools in the real world is still relatively low, almost every tool project will eventually deal with the question of how to migrate to a web-based platform.

Before thinking about a solution, it is important to evaluate the benefits of a web-based solution for your individual project. In the first part of this talk, we will discuss typical advantages, as well as disadvantages of web-based tools in comparison with desktop-based tools. At the current state, web-based tools are not the holy grail for every project.

After clarifying the motivation, we will discuss when certain tool projects shall consider a migration to the web. Again this is driven by project-specific criteria, e.g. the complexity of a project or the expected benefits. Further, we will highlight how an incremental migration can be prepared while still developing a desktop solution.

Finally, if a migration is well motivated for a project, we discuss strategies, technical patterns, technologies, and platforms for creating web-based tools. There will be a special focus on reusing as much as possible from existing desktop-based tools, as well as on creating a long-term strategy.

This talk is targeted at decision makers and architects.

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23 Oct 2018 - 14:30 to 23 Oct 2018 - 15:05
B├╝rgersaal 2

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