Marie Curie, Open Source, Kickstarter, and Women in Tech

Amanda Whaley, Cisco DevNet

Mandy Whaley is Director of Developer Experience & Developer Advocacy for Cisco DevNet. She spends most of her time thinking about how developers outside and inside of Cisco use Cisco APIs, and about how to make their job easier. She leads a team of developer advocates who work with Cisco partners and developers in many technology areas including IoT, Collaboration, and Network Automation. Her team also includes the Pioneer Award winning DevNet Sandbox – hosted labs that offer developers free cloud-based access to Cisco APIs, and the DevNet Developer Success and Support team.

Amanda is a life-long software developer who has worked in development teams of all sizes and types. She is interested in all things that help developers build cool stuff - tools, APIs, docs, frameworks. She is also a mom of two little boys, a novice drummer, and you can often find her on the mountain biking trails in her hometown of Austin, Texas.

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Lessons on Open Source from a 25-Year-Old Company

Harish Pillay, Red Hat


Harish Pillay has been at Red Hat since 2003 and held many roles. Currently he is Global Head, Community Architecture and Leadership, working with the greater open source community to engage with government and business on open standards, open data, open source, and how all of these bring critical value to the respective entities.

Harish is a Fellow of the Singapore Computer Society, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Singapore, and a Distinguished Partner of SPRING Singapore, the national standards and quality agency. He holds a MSEE and a BSCS from Oregon State University.

Follow @harishpillay on Twitter.

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