Thinking Cloud Native; connecting the dots with Project Gardener (sponsored by SAP)

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Cloud native is the most hotly debated disruptive technology trend in software. In fact, this new trend has initiated a fundamental architectural design paradigm shift: modern web-scale applications are now constructed cloud native, based on latest microservice architecture principles.

Unlike a PaaS which mainly caters to stateless services, cloud native accommodates for stateful services (distributed & dynamically scalable) in a resilient and uniform manner. But it also allows for “peeling the monolith”, that is for brownfield type of implementations where legacy systems can be extended, e.g. using events, Open APIs and “serverless” lambda functions.

Cloud native is not theory, instead it is practicable technology driven by the CNCF with most prominently Kubernetes and Containers at its core.

In this talk, we will showcase Project Gardener [1], a production-grade Kubernetes-as-a-Service management tool that works across various cloud-platforms (e.g, AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba & SAP Datacenters) and on-premise (e.g. with OpenStack). And maybe more intriguing, SAP is developing Gardener as true open source project, welcoming the usage by or contribution from customers, partners and the community in general.


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23 Oct 2018 - 14:30 to 23 Oct 2018 - 15:05

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