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Despite being severly allergic to sunlight the average nerd in all of us sometimes needs to change her location. Of course she will never do so without simulating her path through the physical world in advance and predict possible disturbances on the road ahead. Furthermore, as so many of us are part of the "quantify yourself" movement aiming to optimize your life, the nerd is also keen to optimize the use of newly invented transport modes, like ridepooling, ridesharing or even podcars - but what is the best choice?

All joking aside, we will present the Eclipse SUMO tool suite, which facilitates this endeavor and shows how it can be used to get a moving experience in the upcoming age of connected and autonomous mobility. A short and hands-on tutorial for the live creation of a simulation scenario is provided. This scenario is a starting point to shed a light on the various application areas of SUMO, such as simulating and testing autonomous vehicles, traffic modeling, traffic light optimization, intermodal trip planning, ... Each application area is illustrated with concrete project references in which SUMO was successfully applied. Finally, the power and the advantages of coupling SUMO with other simulators to simulate car-to-car communication or virtual testing is presented.

The attendees are not required to bring any prior knowledge about traffic simulation. However, they will gain significant insights on novel mobility choices and their efficient simulation with an open source platform. This project is part of a joint initiative between German Aerospace Center, Fraunhofer FOKUS, University of Paderborn, BOSCH  and other partners from the industry to create the working group "OpenMobility" within the Eclipse Foundation. It is meant to coordinate the development of the first Open Simulation Platform for Autonomous Mobility.

We believe, that understanding the effects of autonomous mobility and having an open test platform for autonomous vehicles are both essential to solve the urgent problems in traffic in the next years.


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23 Oct 2018 - 17:00 to 23 Oct 2018 - 17:35
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