Thorntail - A Micro implementation of Eclipse MicroProfile

by Ken Finnigan

In this article we introduce some of the topics Michal Szynkiewicz, from the Thorntail team, will be presenting during his EclipseCon session Thorntail - A Micro Implementation of Eclipse MicroProfile. Be sure to come by his session to learn all the details on Eclipse MicroProfile and how to use it in Thorntail!

Thorntail was previously known as WildFly Swarm, but went through a rename process that culminated in the new name being announced in May 2018. Since its inception three and a half years ago Thorntail has been at the forefront of helping developers write microservices using their Java EE (now Jakarta EE) and Eclipse MicroProfile experience. Whether it’s helping to define specifications for Eclipse MicroProfile or implementing them in Thorntail, the Thorntail team and Red Hat are working hard to make it easier for developers to create microservices.

Michal will provide details of the latest Eclipse MicroProfile release and what specifications were updated, as well as a roadmap of upcoming specification updates. Then it’s time to look at the specifications in greater detail, learning about its purpose and how to use it within your own application. The attendee will learn about Config, Fault Tolerance, Open Tracing, Type Safe REST Client, Open API, Metrics, Health Check, and JWT propagation.

With all that knowledge of the Eclipse MicroProfile specifications, the attendee will then see their use in a demo application, with Thorntail as the runtime. Seeing the code come to life in the demo will reinforce how the Eclipse MicroProfile specifications can be seamlessly integrated and utilized within a Thorntail application to simplify the process of developing Enterprise Java microservices!

Having mentioned Enterprise Java microservices, it would be remiss not to mention the recently completed book that’s perfect for learning about developing microservices with Enterprise Java. Check out Enterprise Java Microservices from Manning for everything you need to know!

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