Lessons on Open Source from a 25-Year-Old Company

Twenty-five years ago, two people, Marc Ewing and Bob Young, set up a business 
to make available a Linux distribution created by Marc called Red Hat 
Linux. That experiment of bundling a bunch of Free Software to make it 
easy to be consumed has helped spawn, along with the Debian distribution, 
a huge and diverse ecosystem of technologies that are now defining how 
the world consumes technology, how societies are run, and is helping 
drive the next generation of technical innovation.

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Flying to Jupiter with OSGi

The European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) is the main operations centre for the European Space Agency (ESA), operating a number of earth observation and scientific missions. Monitoring and control functions needed by spacecraft operators are provided by software systems which are reused across missions, but tailored and extended for mission specific needs.

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