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Presentations: Enriching your models using OCL


Presentations: Code and Belief

Professor Hendrik Speck is a Professor of Digital Media at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Department of Computer Sciences. The focus of his work includes media theory and philosophy, information operations and systems, open source, e-Learning, cyberwar, netwar, ethical, social and legal implications and limitations. Professor Speck is an artist and designer whose photographs and artwork have appeared in many publications. He is a frequent contributor to print, broadcast, and online media, and is the co-author of several books, including Medien auf Abruf - Folgen der Individualisierung für die Kommunikationsgesellschaft and Suchen und Finden im Internet. He is a regular speaker and conference panelist, based in Germany and New York.


Presentations: Mission-Critical Agility

Dr. Jeff Norris is the supervisor of the Planning Software Systems Group at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His group develops operations systems for a variety of space missions including the Phoenix Mars Scout, Cassini Saturn Orbiter, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and the Spirit and Opportunity Mars Exploration Rovers-- for which his team was co-winner of the 2004 NASA Software of the Year Award. He is currently leading the development of the uplink system for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory Rover mission and operations software development within NASA’s multi-center lunar Human Robotic Systems technology development project. Jeff founded the JPL OPS Lab, an advanced agile development facility for the design, development, and deployment of mission operations software and human-robot interaction technologies. Jeff helped operate the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers as a Tactical Activity Planner during the prime mission. He received Bachelor\\\'s and Masters degrees in Computer Science from MIT, a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, and lives with his wife and two children near Pasadena, California.


Presentations: Birds of a Feather Sessions, Birds of a Feather Sessions

The Eclipse Foundation brings you two major community gatherings each year. Our premier event for the European ecosystem is Eclipse Summit Europe, held in the autumn. EclipseCon is our largest conference, held each spring in California.


Janos Koppany

Intland Software GmbH

Presentations: Process Improvement in Distributed Software Development - Using Eclipse with Mercurial and Git (sponsored by Intland)

Janos Koppany is Co-founder and CEO at Intland Software. The company was founded in 1998 with the mission to innovate a new generation of collaborative software development tools to address the escalation in team distribution and ever-increasing project complexity. Intland\'s collaborative software development solutions are used in the automobile, avionics, defence, finance and telecommunications industries by major international organizations. In previous positions Janos Koppany was director marketing and sales at Cygnus (now RedHat) that acquired his formerly established company Multix Software.


Presentations: The Industrialization of the Services Sector

Dr. Gunter Dück is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technologist for strategic direction and cultural change. He founded the Business Intelligence Services (Data Warehouses, Data Mining) for IBM Central Europe. In his current role at IBM Germany he is responsible for business growth of new IT infrastructures and cloud computing. Dr. Dück is an award-winning author whose books include Lean Brain Management – More Success and Efficiency by Saving Intelligence, the triology Omnisophie, Supramanie, and Topothesie, and the novel Ankhaba (where vampires discover the meaning of life). His next book will be a (satirical) management guide on the fastest way to be promoted every year.


Presentations: Developing Embedded Software with Eclipse, State Machines and Block Diagrams

Andreas Unger works as a software engineer for itemis AG, Luenen. His focus is on Eclipse-based tool development in the field of embedded systems. He is involved in the design and development of customer-specific solutions of graphical and textual modeling tools, as well as the development of the data flow-oriented modeling tool Damos.


Presentations: Control Your Home with OSGi

Kai works as a Senior Software Architect at Odyssey Financial Technologies, Lausanne. He has a strong expertise in model-driven development and Eclipse RCP applications, which he develops since more than 5 years.
In his spare time, Kai enjoys working on the open Home Automation Bus (openHAB.org), which he has initiated in 2010.


Imran Abdul Rahiman

Presentations: Continuous Integration - Challenges and Hacks (sponsored by Bosch)

Working as a software architect at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited. Main area of work is to develop IDE for ECU embedded developers.


Chris Aniszczyk

Presentations: Using Git in Eclipse

Chris Aniszczyk is the co-lead of the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) project and a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is the co-author of The Eclipse Rich Client Platform book and has been recognized by the Eclipse Community Awards as Top Ambassador and Top Committer. Chris tends to be all over the place inside the Eclipse community by committing on various Eclipse projects. He sits on the Eclipse Architecture Council, Eclipse Planning Council and has the honor to represent the committers on the Eclipse Foundation\'s Board of Directors. Chris\'s passions are modularity, blogging, tooling and anything Eclipse.

He\'s always available to discuss open source over a frosty beverage.


Juergen Baier

Presentations: The thrill of migrating a mission-critical RCP-application to E4: lessons learned

Dr. Jürgen Baier is working at Correspond GmbH and is responsible for the development of the online-filemanager Fileship. He likes elegance, when it comes from simplicity. Therefore his technical interests include application-modeling, where the foundation of a fast and maintainable application is laid, as well as UI-design, where user experience comes into play.


Mikaël Barbero


Presentations: Creating a Language for Android Apps with Eclipse Modeling

Mikaël Barbero is working as software engineer and consultant at Obeo in western France. He is working on model-driven software migration and modernization. He is using Acceleo on daily basis for this purpose. He is also contributing to several other open source projects about modeling.


Wayne Beaton

Eclipse Foundation

Presentations: Creating Your Very Own Eclipse Project, A regular day as an Eclipse Committer


Elmar Beck


Presentations: Easy to go security for the eclipse universe

Elmar Eperiesi-Beck is the CTO of CORISECIO and the lead of the Eclipse secRT open source project. He serves as an international consultant and Software Architect at IBM and a few more international companies. In 2002 Elmar was cofounder of CORISECIO and is still the leading head of development beside his management tasks. He is interested in various Eclipse technologies like modeling, IDE and is currently working on Cloud Security projects.


Stephane Begaudeau


Presentations: Creating a Language for Android Apps with Eclipse Modeling

Stéphane Bégaudeau works as a software engineer at Obeo on Acceleo 3. He also realized a prototype of Acceleo on Eclipse 4


Heiko Behrens

Presentations: Mobile Development Symposium, Models To Go: How We Built a DSL for Mobile Apps With Tools From the Eclipse Modeling Project

Heiko Behrens leads the mobile division at itemis AG and has experience in the field of commercial software development for more than 10 years. As Eclipse Committer and in various other open source projects he is involved with a wide selection of technologies. His current focus is on development for mobile devices where he utilizes domain-specific languages and model-driven approaches to address platforms such as iOS, Android and mobile web.


Zsolt Beothy-Elo


Presentations: Eclipse Swordfish reloaded

Zsolt Beothy-Elo is a developer at SOPERA located in Bonn, Germany. He has been working on the implementation of service-oriented infrastructures for over 9 years now. Currently he is responsible for the registry and repository components of the SOPERA platform. He is co-lead of the Eclipse Swordfish project and leads the PMC Eclipse SOA Platform Project.


Angelo Bernabei

Engineering Group

Presentations: RT Tutorial and Demo Camp

Angelo is an IT Senior Solution Architect. He has been operating several years in the design and development of business applications on different markets: industry, finance, local government and public health, as well as in different thematic areas such as Register, CRM, Enterprise Portal, Security and Asset Allocation. He has consolidated experience in designing Java Enterprise architectures, in open source frameworks and in the application of software development methodologies. He is currently involved in SpagoBI and eBAM designing and he supports enterprise projects using SpagoBI and eBAM platform.


Dagmar Bisky-Groh

Intland Software GmbH

Presentations: Process Improvement in Distributed Software Development - Using Eclipse with Mercurial and Git (sponsored by Intland)


Gianfranco Boccalon

Engineering Group

Presentations: RT Tutorial and Demo Camp

Gianfranco, Spagic and Spago Project Leader, is a Senior Consultant at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica with long experience in the IT field. He has valuable expertise in J2EE architectures and frameworks, in the SOA environment and in software development methods, with a specific focus on performance testing and measurements. Before joining SpagoWorld team, he worked in the development of CAD applications and in consultancy and software development of financial applications. He is currently working on Spagic evolution in the SOA domain.


Jordi Boehme Lopez


Presentations: Yoxos 5 Released: Scaling software development (sponsored by EclipseSource)


Boris Bokowski

Presentations: Eclipse 4.0 Hackfest, The way to Eclipse 4.0 and 4.1

Boris is the technical lead of the Eclipse Platform UI team, responsible for the JFace, data binding, Workbench, RCP, and IDE components. He is one of the key people behind the Eclipse 4.0 effort. As an elected committer representative, he serves on the Eclipse Foundation\'s board of directors. Boris works for IBM in Ottawa, Canada.


Nick Boldt

Red Hat, Inc.

Presentations: What's in a Build? Best Practices and Requirements, Build Systems Exposed: Strengths & Weaknesses of Build Technologies at Eclipse

Nick Boldt is the Productization Lead for JBoss Tools & JBoss Developer Studio.

As a committer for numerous Eclipse projects including the Eclipse Modeling Project, he has automated build processes, integrated web & build systems, and designed build tools to simply and streamline building, testing, and releasing project code. Though he leads the Dash Athena project, he also actively uses B3 and Tycho in his role as \"build guy\" for JBoss Tools and numerous Eclipse.org projects.

When not at the console writing Bash, Ant, Java, or PHP, Nick can be found outdoors walking his two American Pointers, cycling, or kayaking.


Simone Bordet

Intalio Inc.

Presentations: Advance Web/HTTP features in Eclipse RT with Jetty


Hans-J. Brede


Presentations: "User" is not a four-letter word (sponsored by Bredex)


Marcel Bruch

Technische Universitaet Darmstadt

Presentations: IDE 2.0: Bringing Collective Intelligence into Software Development

Marcel Bruch working as research assistant at Darmstadt University of Technology. In his research he is working on concepts to support developers on learning new frameworks and APIs. He is funder and project lead of the code recommenders project, a research project that aims to leverage the wisdom of the crowds and bringing this knowledge into the Eclipse IDE.


Hugo Bruneliere

INRIA (Institute national de recherche en informatique et en automatique)

Presentations: Portolan: an Eclipse model-based solution for tool cartography

Hugo Bruneliere is an R&D engineer working in the field of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) since 2006 for the AtlanMod Team (INRIA & EMN), located in Nantes (west of France). His work is focused on the concrete use of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) for model discovery (Model-Driven Reverse Engineering or MDRE), on global model management (or GMM) and on general tool interoperability (using model transformation technologies such as M2M-ATL). He is the co-leader of the MDT-MoDisco project. He is also an active Eclipse committer on the Eclipse Modeling-GMT project, by leading the AM3 (AtlanMod Megamodel Management) sub-project.


David Burkhart

Presentations: Introducing Professional Scrum Developer (sponsored by Andrena)

David Burkhart has been a professional software developer since 2004. He has been focusing on agile methods like XP and SCRUM ever since studying computer science in Karlsruhe. TDD and refactoring are essentials for his every day work. He is working for andrena objects ag as software developer and coach, and is one of the authors of the PSD course for the Eclipse technology stack.


Benjamin Cabe

Eclipse Foundation

Presentations: OpenSocial gadgets in Eclipse

Benjamin is a technical expert at Sierra Wireless, passionated about Eclipse and its ecosystem. He is very involved in the Eclipse community, winner of the \"Eclipse Top Contributor 2009\" contest, and committer on PDE and e4 projects.


Janet Campbell

Eclipse Foundation

Presentations: A regular day as an Eclipse Committer


Christian Campo

compeople AG

Presentations: SWT/Qt, Riena on RAP: Running Riena in the Web (sponsored by compeople), Riena on e4 aka "RCP 2.0"

Christian Campo is IT-consultant at compeople AG. Working for years in the field of Java-EE, he is responsible for the development of innovative online-applications and service-oriented architectures. Christian is the project lead for the Eclipse Riena project, an Eclipse Foundation project to provide the platform for building multi-tier enterprise client/server applications. He is also leading the SWT/Qt effort.


Doug Clarke


Presentations: RT Tutorial and Demo Camp, Java EE 6 Tooling in Eclipse (sponsored by Oracle), What's new and coming in Java Persistence

Doug Clarke is a lead of the EclipseLink project and member of the RT PMC and Architecture Council within the Eclipse Eco-system. Doug also functions as the director or Product Management for Oracle Fusion Middleware with responsibility for Oracle TopLink.


Jacek Dajda

Presentations: LINK: Decision-Support System for Criminal Analysis

Jacek Dajda works as Assistant Professor at AGH University of Science and Technology located in Krakow, Poland. His research interests involve mainly agile methodologies and component-based architectures oriented towards integration of heterogenous data sources. Currently, beside common didactic work, he participates in various research projects in which Eclipse RCP is widely used.


Stefan Dimov


Presentations: JPA Diagram Editor, Click out your JPA model

Stefan Dimov has been with SAP since 2005. For the last three and a half years he has been working in the area of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (the SAP’s IDE, which is based on the Eclipse IDE), and is particularly responsible for the Dali Java Persistence Tools plug-ins (developed by SAP for NWDS). He came up with the JPA editor idea two years ago and at first it was implemented as a SAP proprietary technolgy. Now SAP is going to provide it to the Eclipse community. Stefan has been approved as WTP incubator committer and is driving the JPA editor contribution process.


Karim Djaafar

Jasmine Conseil

Presentations: Collaboration and Agile Development with JasForge Open Source Project (sponsored by Jasmine Conseil)

Karim Djaafar is a French JEE Evangelist with about 10 years of consulting and expertise around JEE platform. He is the author of several books (in French) around JEE Development and Eclipse Platform. Karim is the CO of JASMINE CONSEIL (http://www.jasmineconseil.com), a French company dedicated to agile methodology and JEE Development and expertise. Karim can be reached at kdjaafar@jasmineconseil.com.


Marcel Donges

Presentations: Rapid SOA with EMF (sponsored by SOPERA)

Marcel Donges represents as a Principal Consultant the SOPERA GmbH at rollouts of Open-Source-SOA-Projects. In the last seven years he supervised and coached employees in european software development projects about critical applications in environments like CORBA, J2EE, MDA und SOA. He gained the basis of his technological knowledge and competence at Borland, where he later on has worked as a Technical Account Manager for the automotive branch, he established complex company-wide requirements for management processes at the producer and supplier industry.


Gregoire Dupe

SodiFrance (formely Mia software)

Presentations: EMF Facet : a Non-Intrusive Metamodel Extension Tooling

Grégoire Dupé works as R&D software engineer for Mia-Software and is committer in Eclipse MoDisco project and co-leader of EMF Facet. Before joining Mia-Software, he was a R&D software engineer at Orange Labs where he developed MDA tools dedicated to the telecom services.


Stephan Eberle

itemis AG

Presentations: Sphinx: An Industrial Strength Tool Platform Fostering Model-driven Development of Embedded Systems

Stephan Eberle works as product development manager at Geensys in France. He leads the development of the core parts in the Artop open source project (www.artop.org) which provides reusable building blocks for Eclipse-based AUTOSAR design tools used in automotive software engineering. He is also committer for the Teneo component in EMF, EMF Search in EMFT, and will be co-lead of the recently approved Sphinx project under MDT. Stephan holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and a Diploma degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Stuttgart (Germany).


Sven Efftinge

itemis AG

Presentations: Eclipse Modeling Symposium, Dependency Injection - Something every Eclipse Developer should know and use, Live Coding: Building a UI styling language for E4 with Xtext

Sven Efftinge (itemis) leads an Eclipse open-source developer lab in Kiel. He is project lead of the Xtext framework at eclipse.org and the original architect of the Xpand language family (a.k.a. openArchitectureWare 4). Sven is also a speaker at software conferences, co-author of a book and writes articles for magazines.


Martin Fluegge

Presentations: The CDO Model Repository Poster Talk, Scale, Share and Store your Models with CDO

Martin is a passionate software developer with a degree in applied computer sciences from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany. He owns a small consulting company with a focus on Modeling and other Eclipse technologies. He is the author of Dawn and an active committer on CDO.


Leif Frenzel

Presentations: Introducing Professional Scrum Developer (sponsored by Andrena)

Leif Frenzel is senior developer and agile coach at andrena objects ag. He has extensive experience in the design and implementation of Eclipse-based software (both IDE tooling and RCP applications).

Leif has worked as developer, architect and project lead at Innoopract (now EclipseSource) from 2001 to 2007, and as process manager and project management coach at Nero from 2007-2009. He has also initiated and maintained Open Source projects building Eclipse support for functional programming (Haskell) and distributed revision control (Darcs). His recent interests include responsible development and clean and sustainable software design.


Peter Friese

Presentations: Mobile Development Symposium, Models To Go: How We Built a DSL for Mobile Apps With Tools From the Eclipse Modeling Project

Peter Friese is Head of Mobile Development at itemis, a software development consulting company based in Germany. Prior to itemis, Peter served as a software architect and software engineer at Gentleware and Lufthansa Systems. As a software engineer and software architect, Peter has worked on a variety of industry projects in different domains such as banking, aerospace and transport. Despite developing apps for the \"walled garden\" (aka iPhone), Peter is an Open Source enthusiast and has been a committer on various OSS projects, including APPlause, Xtext, Eclipse Modeling, openArchitectureWare, FindBugs and AndroMDA. Peter is a regular speaker at international conferences such as EclipseCon, OOP, OOPSLA/Splash, CodeGeneration, JAX and Jazoon. Peter writes and blogs about his work on Twitter (@peterfriese) and his blog, http://www.peterfriese.de


Christopher Frost

GoPivotal, Inc.

Presentations: RT Tutorial and Demo Camp, The Virgo Runtime, modular web apps with the Snaps prototype

Chris has been a professional Java developer for 8 years and has spent the last 3 working for SpringSource on the dm Server/Virgo project. As well as enjoying working in an open source community as a Virgo committer he is interested in software design and the modularisation of web applications. When not at work he likes learning about new technologies and occasionally jumps out of aeroplanes (for fun).


Ekkehard Gentz

Presentations: Mobile Development Symposium, Dynamic EMF Views (not only) for OSGI Business Applications, Distributed Version Control - practices from daily work with EGit and MercurialEclipse

ekke lives and works as an Independent Software Architect and Senior ERP Consultant in the south of germany.

ekke survived many technologies since more then 30 years- he started development in 1978 using Assembler, Cobol, ..., works with Apple PCs from the beginning and now is a fan of Eclipse, Open Source and Model-Driven-Software-Development in the domain of Enterprise Business Solutions with integrated mobile Solutions.

ekke is Committer of the Eclipse Riena Project and in his customer projects he is using:
OSGI/Equinox, Eclipse RCP, Riena, UML2, EMF, EMFStore, EMFT:MWE, M2T:Xpand/Xtend, Xtext, BlackBerry Eclipse PlugIn and more.

together with Florian Pirchner he\\\'s project lead of Open Source Projects redView (http://redview.org) Riena EMF Dynamic Views and red-open (http://red-open.org) Software Manufactory.

ekke blogs about his experiences at http://ekkes-corner.org and twitters @ekkescorner

If there is some time ;-) ekke likes:
- travelling as backpacker to the island of crete
- making photos of nature
- reading books, listening music...
and of course spend time with his wife and kids.


Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser

Presentations: The adventure of building an Eclipse-based IDE for embedded automotive software developers

Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser works within Robert Bosch GmbH as a team lead for the development of Eclipse based IDEs for different business units. His team is responsible for the integration and distribution of the different components to one IDE, the development of a platform build from Eclipse projects, the development of the core components including big EMF based models, the architecture of Eclipse based systems, and the strategic architecture of business unit related development environments. Lars made his PhD at the University of Kaiserlautern on variant handling in product lines. After an intermezzo on this topic in the Bosch research unit, he moved to the tools department to get involved in the Eclipse strategies of Bosch three years ago.


Michaela Greiler

Presentations: A Study to identify the testing culture of the Eclipse community

Michaela Greiler is doing her PhD in the Software Engineering Research Group at the Delft University of Technology. Her research focuses on developing efficient testing methodologies for plug-in based systems, in particular for Eclipse. More information: http://swerl.tudelft.nl/~greiler


Marcus Harringer

Presentations: Mobile Development Symposium

Marcus Harringer is a software engineer and consultant at MicroDoc GmbH in Munich focusing on embedded Java and OSGi development. Marcus was involved in the introduction of TDD within the MicroDoc development process. Marcus holds a Dipl.Ing. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Salzburg/Austria.


Jonas Helming


Presentations: EmfStore - A Repository for EMF Models, EMF Client Platform (ECP) - "...only one click to a data-centric application"


Andreas Hoegger

Business Systems Integration AG

Presentations: RT Tutorial and Demo Camp, Eclipse Scout "Querbeet" (sponsored by BSI)

Andreas Michael Hoegger (andreas.hoegger@bsiag.com) works as System Architect for Business Systems Integration AG (Switzerland), one of the main CRM solution providers in Switzerland. For years he has been working with Java-EE, Eclipse and SOA. Andreas is a co-lead of the Eclipse Scout project.


Oisin Hurley

Presentations: Build Systems Exposed: Strengths & Weaknesses of Build Technologies at Eclipse

Oisin Hurley is an independent developer based in Dublin, Ireland. Oisin has been involved in the Eclipse community since around 2006, was the lead of the SOA Tools Project and is a committer for B3, the Webtools Incubator. and the SCA projects. He has had many fun times with Maven, Buckminster and PDE, and he believes that you should play to your skills when constructing a build system and channel your creativity to the content of the code solution rather than the delivery of it.


Mickael Istria

Red Hat, Inc.

Presentations: Case study: Bonita Open Solution 5, Leverage Eclipse projects to build an integrated BPM solution

Mickael is an R&D engineer and RCP developer at BonitaSoft. He participates on the development of Bonita Open Solution Studio, an Eclipse based Open source BPM solution.
Previously, he has already worked on different Eclipse-related project. He was the main developer of Scarbo during one year. He was also an active comitter on Java Workflow Tooling project during one year and half.


Mica J. Block

Presentations: The BIRT Tutorial: Let us talk BIRT-y to you, BIRT: Interactivity and Dashboards - Giving Your Users What They Want (sponsored by Actuate)

Mica Block has over 19 years of experience in the software industry in various roles including product management and technical sales. Mica joined Actuate in January 1996 prior to release 1.0 and has been responsible for helping build and guide the technical sales force. Prior to Actuate Mica worked for other major software companies such as Sybase and Information Builders. Mica Block has been involved in the BIRT project from the beginning in assisting and guiding the project team from a report developers point of view. Currently Mica Block is the Director of the ACES (Actuate Corporate Engineers). This is a team of engineers that provides the Actuate sales force with high-level technical support. This support includes Proof of Concepts, System Architecture Design, Scalability Tests, and various other high level meetings as needed by the Actuate sales force. Mica Block has specific expertise in the following areas: 1. Report Design 2. Internationalization and Localization 3. Actuate architecture and infrastructure 4. Performance and scalability. In this area Mica has performed numerous benchmarks at customer sites and industry leading performance labs.


Ayushman Jain

Presentations: Hello Android : Using Eclipse for Android Development

Ayushman is a software Engineer at IBM India Software Labs and an Eclipse JDT/Core committer. He is an Eclipse enthusiast and evangelist, leading the Eclipse@Campus and Eclipse Campus Ambassador Programme(www.eclipse.org/campus) in India. He\'s a frequent speaker at Eclipse summits in India and organizes Eclipse workshops at universities. He has also written a developerWorks article on Android development in Eclipse which is under the final stages of review.


Tobias Jenkner

Presentations: Runtime surgery

- 2000 to 2003: Studies in Information Technology at the University of Cooperative Education Stuttgart
- 2003 to 2007: Software Developer and Technology Consultant for Java at levigo solutions gmbh.
- Since 2007: Software Developer and Technology Consultant for Java, Eclipse and Siemens Teamcenter at edmPRO.


Andrew Johnson


Presentations: Distilling Heap Dumps: a Guide to Using and Extending Memory Analyzer

Andrew Johnson is a Chartered Engineer and is an Advisory Software Engineer at the IBM Hursley, England. He joined IBM in 1988 after receiving a B.A. in Electronic Engineering from Cambridge University. Since 1996 he has worked on Java virtual machines, just-in-time compilers and tools for diagnosing Java problems. He wrote an adapter for the Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool to read dumps from IBM VMs, and is now a committer on that project.
Andrew has presented sessions about memory analysis at Eclipse Summit Europe 2008, JavaOne 2009, and TheServerSide Java Symposium - Europe 2009.


Wim Jongman

Industrial TSI

Presentations: Fun with Remote Services

About Wim Jongman

Software Developer. Managing Director of Remain Software and Industrial-TSI. Eclipse Member, Committer for ECF and Nebula.

His main work area is the software development life cycle.

Other areas of interest are life, the universe and everything else.


Hee Joung Hwang

Presentations: Introduction to new OSGi based gateway platform for ubiquitous healthcare

2000 - : Associate Professor, Gachon University of Medicine and Science.


Etienne Juliot


Presentations: Eclipse Modeling for WTP

Etienne Juliot is one the funder of Obeo company focus on Model Driven tools. He contributes to several Eclipse projects (Acceleo, ATL, EEF, ...) and to several OpenSource communities. He has over 9 years of software architecture experience (information and embedded systems), MDA approach, and Eclipse technologies. He works for very larges companies on reverse engineering projets and specific MDA toolchains, and manages Obeo\'s working tasks inside several large R&D projects for aerospace and automotive industries. Today, he manages Obeo\'s strategy on Eclipse Modeling technologies by driving the Obeo Designer product and the OpenSource business model. He is also involve in Eclipse Foundation as a commiter and a member of the board of directors.


Tim Kaiser


Presentations: Getting started with Graphiti


Ronnie King


Presentations: Pulsar - The mobile industry working group and related projects


Markus Knauer


Presentations: Building Cloud Applications with Eclipse

Markus Knauer works as Eclipse developer and consultant at EclipseSource. There he is involved in the development of the Yoxos Eclipse Distribution and is working on multiple projects developing Eclipse-based SDKs.

He is project lead of the Eclipse Packaging Project and creates all those packages that can be downloaded from the Eclipse Foundation website, co-lead of the g-Eclipse project that is building a framework which allows to easily work in a Grid Computing or Cloud Computing environment, a member of the Eclipse Planning Council as representative for EclipseSource and elected member of the Architecture Council.


Maximilian Koegel


Presentations: EmfStore - A Repository for EMF Models, EMF Client Platform (ECP) - "...only one click to a data-centric application"

Maximilian Koegel is currently a researcher at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) and working on his Ph.D. thesis. The main focus of his research is evolution and management of change in models. As part of his research he is also project lead of the EMFStore (emfstore.org), the EMF Client Platform (emfcp.org) and the UNICASE (unicase.org) projects. These projects build on Eclipse technology in particular on RCP, EMF and GMF.
Maximilian Koegel received his degree in computer science (Dipl. Inf.) from Technische Universität München (TUM) in Germany, also he was awarded an honors degree in Technology Management by the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) as part of the Elite Network Bavaria. During his studies at the TUM and CDTM he was exchange student at Queen’s University of Belfast (UK) and at Princeton University (NJ, USA).


Jan Koehnlein

itemis AG

Presentations: Creating a Language for Android Apps with Eclipse Modeling

Dr. Jan Köhnlein is working as software architect and consultant for itemis AG in Kiel (Germany). He has earned several years of experience in developing tools for model-driven software development. He leads the EMF Index project and commits to several other Eclipse Modeling Projects including Xtext.


Bernd Kolb

itemis AG

Presentations: Closing Session


Thomas Kratz

Presentations: Managing enterprise client deployment with p2

To myself: My name is Thomas Kratz, and I am working as lead developer for a small company in the media business in Hamburg, Germany. In my daytime Job I do mostly web centric applications and on the weekends I work on my own project http://www.buchmanager.com, a eclipse based software for book publishing companies. This is my free-time first ever startup company and I still hope that it will grow and make a living for m someday. I am an eclipse platform enthusiast, although not a committer I try to provide patches to problems wherever needed. You may have a look at my other interests on client server computing on my blog on http://thomaskratz.blogspot.com


Jochen Krause


Presentations: Yoxos 5 Released: Scaling software development (sponsored by EclipseSource), Long-Term Support for Eclipse - the next step in Enterprise Readiness

Jochen Krause co-leads the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) and Eclipse Runtime projects, and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors and Architecture Council. Jochen has had a leadership role in the Eclipse community since its inception in 2002, and today is focused on driving Eclipse to be an application platform for web and desktop. Jochen is a founder of EclipseSource and has been bringing Eclipse technology to enterprise customers, while guiding strategic technical contributions to Eclipse. EclipseSource staff are involved in many Eclipse projects such as Equinox, PDE, RAP, ECF, p2, Riena, Eclipse Packaging and g-Eclipse.


Hans-Juergen Kugler

Presentations: Eclipse - an IDE for Organisational Change


Markus Kuppe

Presentations: Fun with Remote Services

Markus Alexander Kuppe is a masters student of Complex Distributed Systems at the University of Hamburg. Before, he used to work as a software engineer at Versant Corp. focusing on OSGi technology in the object oriented database space. Besides being a contributor to various aspects of Eclipse, he is a committer on the SoC project, Orbit, the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) project as well as the Java SLP implementation jSLP. Here his main occupation is with (OSGi) service discovery and remoting. He is an open source enthusiast at heart ever since his first project in 2001. His personal blog can be found at http://www.kuppe.org/


Goulwen Le Fur


Presentations: EEF : Past, Present and Future

Goulwen Le Fur is consultant at Obeo. He works on several projects to industrialize software development using pragmatic MDA approaches like DSM, Code generation, ... He is an active user of the Acceleo project and now uses his experience to lead the EEF project in EMFT.


Henrik Lindberg

Cloudsmith Inc.

Presentations: What's in a Build? Best Practices and Requirements, b3: Evolutionary Change , Build Systems Exposed: Strengths & Weaknesses of Build Technologies at Eclipse

Henrik is a founder and CTO of Cloudsmith Inc., an Eclipse strategic. Henrik has over 20 years of experience architecting and developing innovative infrastructure and application software and tooling. Past positions include leadership of BEA\'s Java Run-Time Group (JRockit) and CTO and/or technical founder of several publicly and privately held software companies. Henrik leads the Eclipse b3, Eclipse Buckminster and Spaces projects and is a committer on Eclipse p2, EPP, and CDTK.


Frederic Madiot


Presentations: EMF Facet : a Non-Intrusive Metamodel Extension Tooling

Frederic Madiot is the CTO of Mia-Software. He has 15 years of experience in developing model-driven tools to industrialize the development of new applications and the modernization of existing systems. He is co-leader of two Eclipse projects: MoDisco, a model-driven platform to modernize existing systems, and EMF Facet, a non-intrusive metamodel extension tooling.


Tonny Madsen

The RCP Company

Presentations: Test UI Aspects of Plug-ins

Tonny Madsen is is the CEO of The RCP Company, an independent software development company that is specialized in mentoring, training, consultancy, development, and independent products based on the Eclipse platform, Rich Client Platform, and the corresponding technologies and tools.

Tonny also teaches MDD and DSL at the IT-University of Copenhagen.

Lastly, Tonny is also the chairman of Eclipse.dk, the Danish Eclipse Society.


Antonio Majori

Engineering Group

Presentations: Living IT Architectures - Eclipse OSGi and SOA TLP in Healthcare and e-Government (sponsored by Engineering Group)

Antonio is Senior Technical Manager at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica. Well-experienced in the IT field, he has worked in several market sectors (industry, finance, public administration), covering several thematic areas. He has also consolidated experience in open source software, middleware solutions and business intelligence. At present, he is working in the Architectural and Consulting Unit, Research & Innovation Division, with a particular focus on open source and SOA/BPM project propositions. He is currently member of the SpagoWorld Executive Board and of the OW2 Technological Council.


Daniel Meisen

Presentations: Eclipse-based HMIs for the Embedded World - a Model driven approach

Daniel is a software engineer, consultant, lecturer and author. Working on various large scale Java SE/EE, embedded and rich client projects for different international companies he gained an experience of 7+ years of professional Java development and 3+ years in the Eclipse RCP field. Daniel is also giving lectures on Java programming, model driven development and rich client application development to bachelor and master students at Beuth Hochschule fĂĽr Technik Berlin - University of Applied Sciences. Additionally Daniel is speaker and author in the Java / Eclipse and rich client field. Besides being a passionate runner and triathlete he is interested in various Eclipse frameworks (such as RAP, EMF, GMF, GEF), dynamic languages and model-driven development.


Ed Merks

Presentations: Eclipse Modeling Symposium, Modeling in the Cloud


George Mesesan

MicroDoc Computersystems GmbH

Presentations: From tiny to huge: scalable configuration management for embedded systems

I am a senior software engineer at MicroDoc GmbH in Munich and I was involved in the introduction of TDD within the MicroDoc development process. I have experience in tools development and automation techniques, in the embedded as well as the enterprise domains.


Lukasz Milewski

Presentations: Sabre and Eclipse RCP Power the Travel Industry


Christine Mitterbauer

MicroDoc Computersystems GmbH

Presentations: Leverage your investment in test driven development for product training and user certification !


Ralph Mueller

Eclipse Foundation

Presentations: Closing Session


Benjamin Muskalla


Presentations: A regular day as an Eclipse Committer

Benjamin Muskalla is a software developer at Tasktop Technologies in Munich, Germany. He is an active committer on the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) project and EGit, the Git integration for Eclipse. He also contributes to several other Eclipse projects including Mylyn, Platform UI and JDT. In the past 6 years, he contributed to the Eclipse community from several angles - writing bugs, code and documentation and gaining experience of agile methods. Working with Eclipse, Mylyn and the community provides his daily motivation to improve the tools and the ecosystem even more.


Igor Novakovic

Empolis Information Management GmbH

Presentations: Building Cloud Applications with Eclipse , SMILA - The Search Framework

Igor Novakovic is Deputy Director Development at Empolis GmbH. After joining Empolis in 2000, he was at first responsible for the development of some server-side components written in C + + and Java. Later on, beside designing and developing J2EE applications, he successfully introduced company-wide the application lifecycle management based on open source tools. From 2006 he led the development of the solution empolis Service Lifecycle Suite. Since late 2007 he is the co-lead of the SeMantic Information Logistics Architecture (SMILA) project. As of mid 2009 he is also responsible for integrating SMILA in the next generation of the product Information Access System.


Kamil Piętak

Presentations: LINK: Decision-Support System for Criminal Analysis

Kamil Piętak is a PhD student at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. The main area of his interest is component-based system architectures. He participates in research projects based on Eclipse RCP technology and utilizing other Eclipse projects such as GEF.


Steffen Pingel


Presentations: Simplifying update and extension install for RCP applications

Steffen Pingel is a software developer at Tasktop Technologies in beautiful Vancouver, BC. He enjoys working on Mylyn-based tools that keep developers focused and productive. He became a committer on the project in 2006 while completing his degree in Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and has since joined the P2 and MPC projects on Eclipse. Steffen is fascinated by the quality and extensibility of the Eclipse platform which keeps inspiring him to improve the Mylyn framework.


Florian Pirchner

Presentations: Dynamic EMF Views (not only) for OSGI Business Applications

Florian is working as an ERP software developer for 11 years. As a project lead of redView he is very interested in model based eclipse technologies which are linking the runtime part.

together with Ekkehard Gentz he is project lead of Open Source Projects redView (http://redview.org) Riena EMF Dynamic Views and red-open (http://red-open.org) Software Manufactory.


Andrey Platov

Xored Software Inc

Presentations: Yes, You Can Do Functional and UI Testing of Eclipse/RCP products with pleasure! (sponsored by Xored)


Aurelien Pupier

Presentations: Case study: Bonita Open Solution 5, Leverage Eclipse projects to build an integrated BPM solution

Aurelien Pupier get in touch with Eclipse Community and technologies as he was the main developer of JASMINe Design, a GMF-based feature. After this, he joined BonitaSoft to work on the development of Bonita Open Solution Studio, an Eclipse-based Open Source BPM solution.


Marc R. Hoffmann

Presentations: The Future of Code Coverage for Eclipse

Marc works as an independent consultant and was responsible for the development of several commercial as well as open source Eclipse/RCP based projects and software products since 2004. He is the initial author and project lead of the EclEmma plug-in. In 2009 Marc started the JaCoCo project to establish a new alternative to existing Java code coverage technologies.


Henrik Rentz-Reichert

Protos Software GmbH

Presentations: eTrice: a proposed Eclipse project for embedded MDSD based on ROOM

Henrik is a partner at the Protos Software GmbH located in Munich, Germany. For more than ten years he is building high quality modeling tools. He has five years of experience with Eclipse with a strong focus on RCP and modeling. At the EclipseCon 2005 together with others he served as a catalyst for the creation of the GMF project.
Application areas of his projects range from embedded over automotive and tool chain validation through network control and monitoring.


Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera

Presentations: OC Rosetta : Moving your legacy system into Enterprise Architecture, Enriching your models using OCL

Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera, committer for the MDT/OCL and Tools/Orbit projects, is the Open Canarias representative for OMG OCL RTF. He also participates in the QVT RTF discussions to make the open specification evolve and he has been working with Eclipse Modeling for 4 years.


Nirmal Sasidharan

Presentations: Eclipse - an IDE for Organisational Change

Nirmal Sasidharan is a developer and software architect at itemis. His interests are in Model Driven Software Development (MDSD) based on Eclipse platform. Before joining itemis, Nirmal Sasidharan has worked 7 years with Bosch, architecting and developing tools for automotive domain. He earned a Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology from Cochin University of Science and Technology.


Holger Schill

itemis AG

Presentations: Creating a Language for Android Apps with Eclipse Modeling

Holger Schill is working as software architect and coach at itemis AG in northern Germany. Current fields of activity are textual and graphical DSLs in combination. Holger commits to the Eclipse Project TMF Xtext and several other open source projects.


Bernhard Schimunek

openAPC e.V.

Presentations: Experiences to establish an Industrial Consortium supporting Open Source for APC solutions

Bernhard Schimunek is co-founder and member of the board of directors of the openAPC Foundation (www.openapc-foundation.org), who is using open source for collaborative and consortial software development. He has more than 10 years hands-on experience in business development, international project management and business unit management of technology corporations * Business Consulting Schimunek * Elsternweg 7 * 86420 Anhausen * Germany * Email: bernhard@schimunek.de


Thomas Schindl


Presentations: Eclipse 4.0 Hackfest, The way to Eclipse 4.0 and 4.1, Adopt the e4 progamming model in Eclipse >= 3.6

Tom is founder and owner of a software company named BestSolution.at which provides development and consultant services in the Java space from J2EE to Eclipse RCP and the new e4-Platform. He\'s committer on various different Eclipse projects (Platform UI, Nebula, UFaceKit) and part of the e4 development team which is working on the next generation of the Eclipse Platform.


Karsten Schmidt

Presentations: Long-Term Support for Eclipse - the next step in Enterprise Readiness

Karsten has been with SAP since 1988. He has held various positions in Technology Development. He was involved in SAP\'s decision for an Eclipse-based IDE in the Java space back in 2001. His current focus is on the Open Source activities in SAP\'s Java Server and Infrastructure organization. Karsten has been involved in the Eclipse-SAP relationship for many years and has been a driving force behind the increased engagement of SAP that resulted, among others, in the switch to the \"Strategic Member\" status in early 2009.


Stefan Schuerle

andrena objects ag

Presentations: Introducing Professional Scrum Developer (sponsored by Andrena)

Stefan SchĂĽrle is software developer with a main focus on developing RCP Applications with agile methods like TDD and SCRUM.


Thomas Schuetz

Protos Software GmbH

Presentations: eTrice: a proposed Eclipse project for embedded MDSD based on ROOM

Thomas Schuetz holds a degree in aerospace engineering of the University of Munich. He is CEO and consultant of Protos Software, which he founded in 1997. He served as project lead or architect in many projects with the focus on model-based development for Embedded Systems.


Markus Schwehm

Presentations: Using and Extending STEM

Dr. Markus Schwehm is founder and CEO of the ExploSYS GmbH, the Institute for Explorative Modeling. He offers consulting and modeling expertise for health care agencies and the pharmaceutical industry in their preparation for emerging diseases and pandemics. To model the spread of directly transmitted diseases like Smallpox, SARS or Influenza, deterministic and stochastic modelling approaches are used. For the realistic modeling of interventions, individual- and network-based discrete event simulation techniques are used. The services include parameter sensitivity studies and the optimization of intervention plans. For fast development of models and rapid delivery of results, Eclipse-based technology like EMF, GEF, BIRT and STEM is applied. His free pandemic influenza preparedness planning tool \'InfluSim\' is used by many health care agencies throughout the world. Customers are health care insititutions in Germany, Switzerland, South Korea and New Zealand.


Oscar Slotosch

Validas AG

Presentations: Qualification of Eclipse-based Tools according to ISO 26262

Oscar Slotosch is the CEO of Validas AG and expert in model-based software development, model-based test and tool qualification in the area of embedded software (automotive and avionik). Oscar Slotosch has studied computer Science at Technical University of Munich and completed a Dr. (phd) thesis in the formal methods area. In the year 2000 Oscar Slotosch was a founder of Validas AG.


Shaun Smith


Presentations: RT Tutorial and Demo Camp, Java EE 6 Tooling in Eclipse (sponsored by Oracle), What's new and coming in Java Persistence, Gemini - Helping Shape the Future of Enterprise Java

Shaun Smith is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle TopLink and an active member of the Eclipse community. He\'s Ecosystem Development Lead for the EclipseLink project and a committer on the Eclipse Gemini Enterprise Modules, and the Dali Java Persistence Tools projects. He’s currently working on OSGi persistence and Oracle TopLink Grid, which integrates Oracle Coherence with EclipseLink JPA to provide \'JPA on the Grid\'. \'Follow


Matthias Sohn


Presentations: Using Git in Eclipse

Dr. Matthias Sohn is co-lead of the Eclipse EGit project, committer on Eclipse JGit and right now starting to contribute to Gerrit Code Review. He works at SAP as a scrum product owner in the area of technology development with a focus on development infrastructure. Besides that he tries to help the SAP development organization to learn from successful Open Source projects.


Fabian Steeg


Presentations: DOT for Zest

Fabian is a programmer and doctoral candidate, Eclipse committer on Zest, and general code and tools enthusiast.


Eike Stepper

Presentations: The CDO Model Repository Poster Talk, Scale, Share and Store your Models with CDO

Eike Stepper is a consultant specializing in modeling and OSGi with over 20 years in professional software development. Eike has conducted dozens of successful customer projects since founding his consulting company in 1991. Eike is the initiator and project lead for the CDO Model Repository and the Net4j Signalling Platform at the Eclipse Foundation. Visit Eike's blog for more information.


Ralf Sternberg


Presentations: A look ahead at RAP: what's new now and will be noteworthy in the future

Ralf is a developer and consultant at EclipseSource, and a committer and component lead on the RAP project. He has led the efforts on the client side implementation of RAP as well as the earlier Theming framework. Ralf\'s special interests are in the areas of UI toolkits and design.


Mirko Stocker

Presentations: The Scala IDE for Eclipse

Mirko Stocker is a research assistent and graduate student at the Institute for Software at the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, where he builds the next generation of refactoring tools. Starting in 2007 with the first refactoring tool for Ruby, then contributing to the C++ refactorings of Eclipse CDT, he now works on providing automated refactorings for the Scala programming language and is also a committer for the Eclipse Scala IDE. Mirko is also an InfoQ editor, writing primarily about news from the Ruby community.


Martin Taal

Presentations: EMFT Texo: generating true pojos, the ORM and more...

Martin Taal is the founder and lead of the EMF Teneo and EMFT Texo projects and committer on the CDO project.

Martin is an independent software consultant mainly working on data-centric business web applications. The past 15 years he has worked in different roles varying from functional architect to development manager, team lead and software developer.

His interests vary from technical architecture of web applications to functional ERP areas such as production planning, inventory management, parts planning and rental and leasing.

The last 9 years Martin has primarily worked on business web applications on topics such as e-procurement, product data management, content management and supplier management.

Currently he is working on projects related to open source ERP and content management systems with a focus on designing and developing new web application user interface architectures using model driven development techniques.


Axel Terfloth

Presentations: Developing Embedded Software with Eclipse, State Machines and Block Diagrams

Axel Terfloth heads research and development for embedded systems at itemis AG. He deals with the adaption and development of methods and technologies of integrated tool chains and model based development of embedded systems. He is involved in different commercial and research projects especially and is responsible for the open source modeling platform Yakindu. He regularly writes and speaks on these subjects.


Kai Toedter

Siemens AG

Presentations: Anatomy of an e4 Application, Eclipse 4.0 Hackfest, Eclipse 4.0: Theming the UI with CSS

Kai Toedter is Senior Engineer/Architect in the Global Technology Field \"System Architecture and Platforms\" of Siemens Corporate Technology. He has more than 14 years of professional Java experience. His main interest is software architecture for smart clients and he focuses on rich client and RIA platforms like. Kai is Siemens\' primary contact in the Eclipse Foundation and he is committer in the e4 project. Kai is an renowned expert in the area of Eclipse RCP and a frequent speaker at international conferences.


Dominique Toupin

Presentations: What's New in the CDT (C/C++ Dev Tools), Advanced C/C++ Debugging and Tracing

Dominique Toupin is a developer tool manager at Ericsson where he works on software engineering improvements with the open source community, researchers and commercial companies. He is the product manager for the Ericsson improvements on DSF-GDB. Areas include debug, trace, edit/compile/build, static analysis, profiling. He previously developed systems to manage cellular network and was a software developer in research groups. He holds a bachelor and a master\'s degree in Software engineering.


Krum Tsvetkov


Presentations: Distilling Heap Dumps: a Guide to Using and Extending Memory Analyzer

Krum Tsvetkov is the project lead of the Memory Analyzer tool (www.eclipse.org/mat) and is working as a senior developer at SAP AG. He has more than ten years of professional experience – both providing technical support to SAP customers and developing tools for problem troubleshooting.
Krum has spoken on the topic of Java memory analysis at two JavaOne conferences, and at different Eclipse events.


Jason Van Zyl


Presentations: Build Systems Exposed: Strengths & Weaknesses of Build Technologies at Eclipse

Jason is CTO and Founder of Sonatype, and the founder of the Apache Maven project, the Plexus IoC framework, and the Apache Velocity project. Jason has over ten years of enterprise software development experience. He founded Periapt, a company that provided software infrastructure development services to Fortune 500 companies such as Toyota Corp., Bank of America, and Coca-Cola Co. Previous to Periapt, he worked as a Technology Architect at Compusense, a world leader in sensory analysis and data research. Jason currently serves on the Apache Maven Project Management Committee. He has been involved with the Apache Software Foundation for seven years, helped to found Codehaus, a well respected incubation facility for open source community projects.


Lars Vogel

Presentations: Anatomy of an e4 Application, Eclipse 4.0 Hackfest, Controlling your e4 application model ... with a Wii remote control

Lars Vogel works as a Product Manager at SAP AG and as an independent Java and Eclipse consultant. He is a regular speaker at SAP and Java / Eclipse events and writes Java, Eclipse, Android and Web development tutorials at http://www.vogella.de.


Sebastian Voigt

Presentations: Building Cloud Applications with Eclipse , SMILA - The Search Framework

Sebastian Voigt is software development manager at Brox IT-Solutions GmbH. After his dissertation about peer-to-peer information exchange and access rights he started to work in the area of enterprise search technologies.

Sebastian has been instrumental in setting up the SMILA initiative at eclipse. He is currently co-project-lead of the SMILA project as well as development manager of the brox product development efforts around eccenca.


Michael Wenz


Presentations: Getting started with Graphiti, Getting started with Graphiti

Michael Wenz works as Senior Developer at SAP AG in the area of Eclipse-based tool infrastructure and model-driven development. He is the project lead of the Graphiti project at Eclipse.


Greg Wilkins

Intalio Inc.

Presentations: RT Tutorial and Demo Camp

Greg Wilkins is the lead developer of the Jetty HTTP server and servlet container project, which he initiated in 1995. Greg is also a contributor to several other open source projects and an active participant in the development of web standards at the IETF and JCP. Greg was a founder of Mort Bay Consulting and Webtide. He is now working as the chief architect of Intalio|Webtide.


Ed Willink

Presentations: Enriching your models using OCL

Ed Willink is the leader of the MDT/OCL and M2M/QVTd projects, co-founder of the GMT project and the Thales representative for the OMG OCL and QVT RTFs. He has been working with Eclipse Modeling for 8 years.


Stefan Winkler

Presentations: EState: Bringing Your Models to Life

Stefan Winkler is a free software engineer and developer. He has just finished his PhD thesis on Requirements Traceability at FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany. He has been a speaker at several international conferences and workshops. Besides Requirements Engineering, his expertise as a developer lies in the areas of JEE, Eclipse, EMF, and CDO. He is one of the main developers of the CDO database backends and an active CDO committer.


Martin Woodward

Presentations: Focus on innovation, not infrastructure with Team Foundation Server 2010 (sponsored by Microsoft)

Martin Woodward is the Program Manager of the Cross Platform Tools team for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. He is an active member of many online and offline technology communities and a contributor to open source projects including CruiseControl and Eclipse PDE. Prior to joining Microsoft, Martin worked for several large organizations as a systems integration consultant primarily specializing in J2EE based solutions for high volume web sites. Martin is a well known member of the Application Lifecycle Management community, is a regular speaker on the topic at many events internationally and co-authored the book \'Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010\' from Wrox. You can find him on his blog at http://www.woodwardweb.com, his podcast at http://www.radiotfs.com or contact him via Twitter @martinwoodward.




Presentations: PMF for e4 + Mobile Application (sponsored by Soyatec)


Diyan Yordanov

Presentations: Migration of existing web applications to OSGi (sponsored by SAP)

Diyan Yordanov is a Senior Software Engineer and Architect at SAP Labs Bulgaria. He has been working in the area of Web container in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java. He is member of Java Servlet 3.0 (JSR 315) Expert Group. For the last year Diyan has been involved in OSGi technology, in particular with the OSGi Web Container and migration of the traditional Web Application to OSGi.


Sebastian Zarnekow

itemis AG

Presentations: Live Coding: Building a UI styling language for E4 with Xtext

Sebastian Zarnekow is a software architect and consultant at itemis in Kiel, Germany. He develops frameworks and tools for model-driven and language oriented software development and is a committer for various Eclipse projects such as Xtext, Xpand or MWE. Sebastian is a speaker at conferences and author of articles for magazines.


Matthias Zimmermann

Business Systems Integration AG

Presentations: RT Tutorial and Demo Camp, Eclipse Scout "Querbeet" (sponsored by BSI)

Matthias Zimmermann: (matthias.zimmermann@bsiag.com) Matthias works as a project manager for Business Systems Integration AG (Switzerland). In addition to the Eclipse Scout project he is interested in pattern recognition, soaring, and raising his kids. Matthias is a co-lead of the Eclipse Scout project.


Andrea Zoppello

Engineering Group

Presentations: RT Tutorial and Demo Camp

Andrea is an IT Solution Architect, with ten-year experience in web application design and development, Java Enterprise and EAI open source frameworks. He is currently working on Spagic design and development as well as on projects focused on EAI, Busineess Process Management, Workflow and Data Integration. He is currently leading eBPM project and involved in the design and the development of Spagic project. He\'s also an active eclipse committer on Mangrove STP/IM project.