Thursday, October 29

TimeBürgersaal 1SchubartsaalSilchersaalSeminarräume 2-4Seminarräume 5
09:00 Open Source Maturity Curve and Ecosystems Interactions - Lessons Learned (Burgersaall 1)

10:00 Morning Break (Foyer)

10:30 Mylyn: from Stack Trace to Scrum

Stop the Architecture Erosion ! (of eclipse and other FOSS)

Get The Fat Man Off Your Back: Profiling For Better Performance

Papyrus: Advent of an Open Source IME at Eclipse

11:20 WebTools Incubator: Creating Web Services with JAXWS

e4 Preview: Customizing Look & Feel with CSS

EDA Start-up story from the trenches COPE - Automating Instance Migration in Reponse to Ecore Model Adaptation
11:40 Accelerating Graphics Output with OpenVG Model Execution Framework - Lifting off the ground
12:00 Lunch - Sponsored by Actuate (Bürgersaal 2)

13:30 Building Equinox OSGi Applications with EclipseLink–-Even Better in Galileo!

Re-Inventing the Wheel: Experiences in Building an IDE using Eclipse Rich Client Platform

EuGENia: GMF for mortals

XWT - Eclipse XML Windowing Toolkit

14:20 From hard drive to RESTful universe: An add-on to Eclipse Resources plug-in (Concept and Demo) EEF you want sexy EMF properties ... The e4 Toolkit Model - A new view on UIs Starting with Java EE was never easier

14:40 ARText - Driving developments with TMF Xtext Harden your models with OCL Combining Graphics and Text in Modeling Tools
15:10 Cloud Computing and Eclipse technology - how does it fit together?

ReviewClipse - Continuous Code Reviews within the Eclipse IDE

Dynamic Rebinding Of EMF Objects

Update on the Eclipse Gyrex project Use a bot to test your GEF and GMF based applications
15:30 Discovery of Models with MoDisco Charting a Course with CNF
16:00 The p2 provisioning platform GEF3D: Overview and Applications Building a Load Testing Tool Using Eclipse Technologies SWT Platform on Qt (Overview and Demo) Massively Concurrent UIs
16:30 Closing Session (Bürgersaal 1)


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