Wednesday, October 28

TimeBürgersaal 1SchubartsaalSilchersaalWilhelm-Kramer-ZimmerSeminarräume 2-4Seminarräume 5
09:00 Taking Functional Programming Into The Mainstream (Bürgersaal 1)

10:00 Morning Break (Foyer)

10:30 What's in e4

Eclipse Swordfish — service-oriented software development made easy

Device Emulation with OSGi and Flash

Sponsor Demos

Simplifying Library Management

11:20 Programming for Lego® Mindstorms™ using Eclipse to take you back to your childhood! Integrating BIRT within your Applications

OSGi ME - An OSGi Profile for Embedded Devices

Sponsor Demos

How about I/O ?
11:40 Write once, test everywhere? Cross platform development and testing with Eclipse Climb the Babel Tower
12:00 Lunch - Sponsored by Actuate (Bürgersaal 2)

13:30 OSGi Best Practices

Xtext - From Galileo to Helios

E4 in Detail - The model workbench and it's possibilities

Sponsor Demos

Edona: initiative for an Open and Eclipse based platform for Automotive Standards
13:50 Improvements to CDI based CDT debugger targeting embedded platforms
14:20 OSGi Versioning and Testing

What's new in EMF Model Query?

UFaceKit - A uniform UI development model for different UI and Runtime platforms Lightweight Model-Driven Development for Embedded Systems

14:40 Introducing the RelaxNG Development Toolkit
15:10 Styling RAP Applications Possible Benefits of Bridging Eclipse-EMF and Microsoft "Oslo"

Web meets Eclipse

Ensure durable software components for embedded systems with OPEES

15:30 Equinox Aspects: Bytecode Weaving for OSGi
15:50 Afternoon Break (Foyer)

16:20 Teneo--Integrating EMF & EclipseLink for Model-Driven Development with Persistence

Use Eclipse Technologies to build modern embedded development IDE

B3 - The PDE-Build successor proposal Sponsor Demos

SMILA - The Integration Framework

16:40 Customizing RCP UI using the Presentations API
17:10 From to Eclipse Modeling Get lean with OSEE

From source to automated builds with Buckminster and p2

Sponsor Demos

Analyze Heapdumps in a Web Browser - Single Sourcing in Practice

17:30 Aspect-oriented Modeling
17:50 Poster Reception - Sponsored by Instantiations and ARS (Foyer)


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