Write once, test everywhere? Cross platform development and testing with Eclipse

Markus Tiede (BREDEX GmbH )

Other, N&N · Short
Wednesday, 11:40, 20 minutes | Bürgersaal 1


How platform independent are Eclipse applications in practice? This talk looks at some of the differences between operating systems supported by Eclipse with respect to RCP applications and examines their effects on usability, development and testing.

The talk is aimed at developers, project managers and testers (automated and manual) working on RCP applications that are intended to run on more than one platform. Participants will learn about large and small differences between the platforms. Some of these differences must simply be considered in the development and testing process, others mean that testing, documentation and development are affected.

Some of the points raised include:

Automated testers will also benefit from the information and examples in the talk. Ideally, only one automated test should be necessary to test all versions of an application. Some of the differences between the platforms make this aim difficult, and some differences mean finding a lowest common denominator to be able to write tests. The variation between the platforms is therefore something which must be considered at the test planning stage, and in the test design itself.

Participants will learn to consider and deal with any variations between platforms to make cross-platform projects a success.

Markus Tiede studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Braunschweig. After receiving his diploma in 2008, he started working as a software developer and tester at BREDEX GmbH. His responsibilities include development of the GUI-test tool GUIdancer as well as design and maintenance of automated tests for internal and external projects.

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