Integrating Test-Driven Development in the Development Process Symposium

George Mesesan (MicroDoc) and Christine Mitterbauer (MicroDoc)

Tuesday, 14:00, 4 hours | Seminarraum 3-4

Selected Position Papers

Christine Mitterbauer, George Mesesan – MicroDoc, Germany

Companywide Cumulative Test-Driven Develoopment
René Kießig – ALEA, Germany

Getting Test Driven Developers – A Consultant’s Notebook
Marc Hoffmann – Mountainminds, Germany

Test-Driven Development
Peter Sommerlad – HSR Rapperswil, Switzerland

Test-Driven Development for GUI-Applications: Is it possible?
Hans-Joachim Brede – BREDEX, Germany

Test-Driven Development with J2ME and OSGi
George Mesesan – MicroDoc, Germany

Test Driven Development
Brett Hackleman – Band XI, USA

Test Driven Development – A case study in introducing TDD to programmers
Anthony Bennis – Pilz, Ireland

Test Driven Development: MontaVista Developer Tools Team Experience
Anna Dushistova, Eugeniy Melekhov – MontaVista Software, Russia


George Mesesan


Christine Mitterbauer

Advance submission of a position paper is required in order to attend this symposium.

Test-Driven Development looks easy in theory, but can it be successfully integrated in real software projects? In this symposium we will concentrate on the practical employment of TDD, covering the whole lifecycle of a software project. The workshop is planned to be a discussion forum, where attendees share their experiences with TDD and their visions. Therefore, the symposium attendees are expected to be active participants and submit a position statement prior to the workshop. The position paper should describe the participant’s interests and existing experience with TDD, i.e. a field report of one distinct TDD project or statements to one or more of the following items that will be discussed:
  • Introduction of TDD in short – what are the new or different ideas ?
  • Preparing for TDD within Eclipse (Tools, PlugIns, Continous Integration)
    • JUNIT, FIT, Fitnesse, CruiseControl
  • Considerations concerning budget and time plan
  • TDD during the development process illuminated from various point of views (developer, management, customer)
  • Who defines what tests ? Various test layers. (Grey-box tests, Acceptance tests)
  • Experiences with integration cycles and acceptance procedures
  • Introduction of TDD in long running and ongoing projects
  • Feedback of customers
  • Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of TDD
Attendance of the workshop will be limited to 20 people to maximize the discussions and interactions. Position papers will be available on the website in advance of the symposia. For more details see also the symposia format page for a description of how this Symposium will be held.

George Mesesan is a software engineer at MicroDoc GmbH in Munich and was involved in the introduction of TDD within the MicroDoc development process. He has experience in the embedded as well as the enterprise domains.

Christine Mitterbauer, is a senior software engineer and authorized signatory at MicroDoc GmbH in Munich, leads several OSGi-based customer projects especially in the embedded space. MicroDoc introduced Test-Driven Development within these projects and gained quite some experience in TDD. The mostly positive results lead to the adoption of TDD for all development processes within MicroDoc.

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