RCP Experience Workshop

Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation) and Christian Wege (DaimlerChrysler)

Tuesday, 9:00, 4 hours | Seminarraum 5




Wayne Beaton


Christian Wege

Eclipse Rich Client Platform is being used by many organizations. While demand for RCP development skills continues to rise, it has not reached the kind of fantastic level that is indicative of wholesale adoption. What’s stopping organizations from adopting Eclipse RCP for their applications? What roadblocks need to be removed to enable more organizations to realize success with Eclipse RCP?

Is the way that RCP is packaged and distributed a problem? The code that is referred to as the Eclipse RCP is produced by the platform subproject. This code contains significant functionality but does lack key features that are required for enterprise development. This functionality (at least some of it) is present in other projects, and is distributed separately. Should a more broadly-scoped "RCP" package be distributed? If so, then in what form? Is education a problem? What can/should we do to reduce the learning curve for RCP adopters?

This symposium aims at collecting experiences and requirements "from the field"; that is, it aims to collect real-world experiences from developers who have done real work for real clients building rich client applications (not necessarily using Eclipse RCP). As a minimal goal we hope to produce in a wish list for further development, distribution, and marketing of the Eclipse RCP.

Submitting a position paper in advance is not required to attend this workshop. All ESE conference participants are welcome to participate. Please send an email to Wayne and Christian to reserve a seat.

Wayne Beaton is employed by The Eclipse Foundation where he works as an evangelist, spreading the word and helping folks adopt Eclipse technologies. Wayne has extensive experience in object-oriented software development and is a strong proponent of refactoring, unit testing, and agile development methodologies.

Dr. Christian Wege is a software engineer at DaimlerChrysler. He works on enterprise application architectures and Eclipse technologies and is an expert in agile methods.

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