Server-Side Eclipse Symposium

Frank Gerhardt (Gerhardt Informatics) and Jochen Hiller (Business Operation Systems)

Tuesday, 14:00, 4 hours | Silchersaal

Selected Position Papers

Equinox on the Server
Jeff McAffer – IBM Rational Software (Eclipse RCP & Equinox Lead), Canada

RAP – Rich Ajax Platform
Benjamin Muskalla – Innoopract, Germany

AMC2 – Server-Side Eclipse
Trevor Pocock – ALEA, Germany

CloudFree Toolkit
Gunnar Wagenknecht – Truition, Germany

Kepler and Server-Side Eclipse
Brett Porter – DevZuz, Australia

Server Side Eclipse – Interests and Discussion Topics
John Cunningham – Band XI, USA

Modular Web Applications Based on OSGi
Jochen Hiller – Germany

Eclipse RAP – Rich Ajax Platform
Jochen Krause – Innoopract (RAP Project Lead), Germany

Eclipse RAP 1.0 Release
Jochen Krause, Frank Appel – Innoopract (RAP Project Lead & RAP Tech Lead), Germany

Server Side Eclipse – Deployment Scenarios Derived from Swordfish
Klaus Kiehne – SOPERA, Germany

Integrating Object Teams and OSGi
Stephan Herrmann – Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

NeOn and Server-side Eclipse
Udo Hafermann – Software AG, Germany

Spring and OSGi Combined
Bernd Kolb, Gerd Wütherich, Martin Lippert – Germany

Equinox on Client and Server
Christian Campo, Stefan Liebig – compeople, Germany

Server-Side Eclipse for Top-Logic
Bernhard Haumacher – Business Operation Systems, Germany

Eclipse on the Server-Side
Brian Carroll – Serena (Eclipse ALF Project Lead), USA

Fredhopper Access Server
Ronny Roeller, Olivier Toromanoff, Andreas Kohn – Fredhopper, Netherlands

Server-Side (g-)Eclipse
Harald Kornmayer – NEC, Germany

OSIRIS Service-Oriented Applications in Converging Networked Environments
Naci Dair – eteration, Turkey


Frank Gerhardt


Jochen Hiller

Advance submission of a position paper is required in order to attend this symposium.

The Server-Side Eclipse symposium focuses on all aspects of using Eclipse technologies on the Server-Side. The goal of the full-time symposium is to bring people from all flavors of Server-Side Eclipse usage together, understand the different approaches and discuss future developments.

We invite everybody to present their experiences and plans using a Server-Side or distributed Eclipse-based architecture. We encourage all participants to enhance the symposium by presenting small demos.

Areas of interest are:
  • Component based web applications
  • AJAX based technologies (e.g. RAP)
  • Collaborative technologies (e.g. ECF)
  • Spring
  • OSGi
  • Distributed architectures (using Eclipse on client and server)
  • SOA and SCA architectures

Please submit a position paper, presentation, screen-cast, etc., describing your interests and experiences regarding Server-Side Eclipse technologies. As the number of attendees is limited to about 30, it has to be emphasized that attendance at the symposium is based on acceptance of your proposal.

For more details see also the symposia format page for a description of how this Symposium will be held.

Dr. Frank Gerhardt is an independent Eclipse consultant and owner of Gerhardt Informatics, a Hungarian company specializing in Eclipse RCP application development.

Jochen Hiller is working as Principle Architect for Business Operation Systems, Germany. He has been working with Server-Side Eclipse since its incubation. Jochen is the architect for a commercial collaboration platform, which will be migrated to Server-Side Eclipse technologies.

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