Open Financial Market Platform Workshop: Services for a Banking Platform (II)

Fabian de Keyn (Kaupthing Bank) and Stephan Wilczek (WeigleWilczek)

Tuesday, 14:00, 4 hours | Ballettsaal




Fabian de Keyn


Stephan Wilczek

Beginning with the Open Healthcare Project, the Eclipse community has been introducing the "Eclipse Way" and the idea of an open source platform with appropriate tools into specific vertical markets. As of August 2007, Kaupthing Bank, Luxembourg is about to launch the Open Financial Market Platform (OFMP) project in order to open source several components of its financial market platform, focusing on deal capture, real-time position keeping, pricing tools and risk management. OFMP is about to be assigned to the Eclipse Technology Project and provides specialized middle office services for financial markets.

This workshop starts with an introduction to the OFMP project and the current project status. It provides a roundtable for interested parties to share their experiences and visions in the field of open source financial market applications and will be the first official 'get together' for interested parties in this area.

After the intro, we would like to learn more about specific market needs and the motivations of other players in this field. Around the idea of getting to know each other, we would like to address the following questions:
  • What would be an appropriate service portfolio for interested 'customers' in this area?
  • What are the technical/non-technical requirements for users?
  • How can open source activities be promoted within the financial sector?
In addition, the workshop aims at bringing together different open source projects to mutually identify high-level goals and opportunities for cooperation.

All workshop attendees are encouraged to inspire the workshop with related use cases and are expected to be active participants. We would like to invite both domain experts (e.g. financial engineers) as well as interested software developers/managers from this field. Position papers are not required for this workshop. Please just email the workshop leads to reserve a seat.

Fabian de Keyn works as a financial engineer and market risk manager at Kaupthing Bank Luxembourg. In addition to his market risk assignments, he has launched the Victoria project, in which he leads the functional division.

Stephan Wilczekis founder and CTO of WeigleWilczek GmbH. WeigleWilczek is an IT strategy consulting and software development company in Germany. As an Eclipse Foundation Member, WeigleWilczek focuses on client- and server-side Eclipse technologies. Combined with J2EE and the Spring Framework the company delivers distributed applications for different industries.

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