Wednesday, October 10

timeBürgersaal 1SchubartsaalSeminarraum 1-5Silchersaal
9:00 Opening Plenary (Bürgersaal 1)

9:30 How Eclipse Changed my Views on Software Development (Bürgersaal 1)

11:00 Equinox Update

From Product Manufacturer to Eclipse MDSD Projects: The Transformation of Gentleware AG

Setting up a Domain Specific Tooling

Best Practice SOA goes Eclipse
11:30 ALF Releases Authentication and Identity for Development Tool Integration
12:10 Eclipse Project Update

DTP in Your Language: Using the Eclipse Data Tools Platform in Eclipse Language Environments

Using Eclipse to Develop AJAX Applications (ATF and JSDT)

BIRT Open Source Reporting for your Application

13:10 Lunch (Foyer)

14:30 The DSDP Target Management Project

Code Coverage Analysis for Eclipse

Maximizing Benefits of Eclipse Web Properties

openArchitectureWare 4.2
15:00 EMF Compare: One Year Later
15:40 RCP goes Web 2.0 - The Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) Refactoring Support for the C++ Development Tools and Ruby Refactoring Plug-in for Eclipse

Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit Technology Project

ECF - Eclipse Communication Framework

16:10 Java Development Tools (JDT) PREEvision – Eclipse-based CASE Tool for the Design, Documentation and Evaluation of Electrics/Electronics Architectures

17:00 Domain Specific Modeling with the Eclipse Modeling Project

Test Driven GUI Tests with GUIdancer

Project Update: Maya What's New and What's Changed in CDT 4.0

17:30 From InfluSim to the Explorator

Eclipse Smart Client Platform (Riena)
18:00 Poster Reception (Foyer)

19:30 BoF

20:45 BoF


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