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Server-Side Eclipse Symposium

Dr. Frank Gerhardt (Gerhardt Informatics) and Jochen Hiller (Business Operation Systems)

Thursday, 9:30, 3 hours | Aich

Selected Position Papers

Rich Server Platform (RSP)
Wolfgang Gehner, Infonoia SA

Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework (OHF)
Eishay Smith, IBM Almaden Research Center, James Kaufman, IBM Almaden Research Center, Kelvin Jiang, Columbia University, Matthew Davis, University of Oklahoma, Melih Onvural, North Carolina State University, Ivan Oprencak, University of Pennsylvania

Equinox on the Server
Jeff McAffer, IBM Rational Software

Eclipse as a Web 2.0 Application
Ramin Assisi, Assisi Publishing

Eclipse based Product Information Management
Andreas Bühler, Ralf Stengele, Wolfgang Werner, Heiler Software

Eclipse Parallel Server Platform (PSP) - a proposal
Jochen Hiller, Business Operation Systems

Spring and OSGi
Martin Lippert, Akquinet Agile GmbH, Bernd Kolb, Kolbware, Gerd Wütherich

Eclipse on the server side and AJAX
Jochen Krause, Innopract

ECF on the Server: Equinox/OSGi + ECF = 'Equinox Service Bus'
Scott Lewis, Mustafa Isik, Roland Fru, Eclipse ECF

Requirements for Rich Client&Server Applications
Frank Gerhardt, Gerhardt Informatics

RAP WT RAP Widget Toolkit
Rüdiger Herrmann, Innoopract

Eclipse Corona
Marcin Okraszewski, Compuware

Eclipse on the server side and AJAX
Jochen Krause, Innoopract

Bridging the gap between RCP and web applications
Gunnar Wagenknecht, Truition

Interests of Allianz on Server Side Eclipse
Gunter Scharpf, Allianz


Dr. Frank Gerhardt


Jochen Hiller

The Server-Side-Eclipse symposium focuses on all aspects of using Eclipse technologies on the server-side. This includes the usage of server related bundles like the extension registry and HTTP services, server-side OSGi (servlet bridge), integration with the Spring Framework, and resource management (JMX). For the development of web-based user interfaces, a central topic will be the tooling and integration of conventional web frameworks (Struts, JSF) and AJAX-based frameworks, as proposed by the Eclipse projects RAP, RSP-UI, and ATF.

We invite other Eclipse projects to present their experiences and plans using a server-side or distributed architecture with client and server plug-ins, e.g. ECF, ALF, and Corona. The goal of the symposium is to bring people from all flavors of server-side Eclipse usage together, understand the different approaches and discuss future developments. Please submit a position paper, describing your interests and experiences regarding server-side Eclipse technologies.

See the symposia format page for a description of how this Symposium will be held.

Dr. Frank Gerhardt is an independent Eclipse consultant and owner of Gerhardt Informatics, a Hungarian company specializing in Eclipse RCP application development. He can be reached at fg(at)gerhardtinformatics(dot)com.

Jochen Hiller is working as principle architect for Business Operation Systems, Germany. He has been using Object technology since 1989, using C++, Smalltalk and Java. He is using Eclipse from the beginning, including plugin and RCP development. Jochen has been the architect for the component architecture of a commercial collaboration development platform. This platform will just be migrated to server side Eclipse technologies, where he contributed code to server-side bridge. His interests are additionally embedded Java technologies and massively scalable architectures. He can be reached at jo.hiller(at)googlemail(dot)com.


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