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TNI Software

TNI Software   TNI-Software is a French best-known company in the field of Requirement Based System Engineering and Model Based Design, especially with its leading requirement traceability tool Reqtify, used in many large-scale embedded system projects world-wide. With over 15 years of experience, TNI-Software has specialized in tools and services addressing the design, implementation, validation and test of SW dominant Embedded Systems for train transportation, aerospace, automotive and industrial automation industries. In December 2004, the company has been joining as a Premium Member the world-known AUTOSAR automotive standardization partnership aiming at establishing an open standard for automotive E/E architecture. Since then TNI-Software has been developing AUTOSAR Builder, an open suite of tools for AUTOSAR, using Eclipse as the base platform. http://www.tni-software.com
Marc Frouin   Marc Frouin, the CEO of TNI-Software. Contact Marc to discuss partnering with TNI on its Eclipse based tooling platform for E/E systems and joining an exciting Eclipse centric framework project.
Eliane Fourgeau   Eliane Fourgeau, the COO of TNI-Software. Contact Eliane to learn more about TNIís Eclipse based open tool platform for AUTOSAR and exchange on novel business models.


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