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Eclipse Modeling Symposium

Prof. Dr. Jean Bezivin (INRIA & University of Nantes)

Wednesday, 9:30, 3 hours | Rems

Selected Position Papers

Eclipse BPMN Modeler – Introducing Intalio|Designer
Arnaud Blandin, Ismael Ghalimi, Hugues Malphettes, Intalio Inc, USA & Switzerland

Weaving Models with the Eclipse AMW plugin
Marcos Didonet del Fabro, Jean Bézivin, Patrick Valduriez, ATLAS Group (INRIA & LINA), France

Best Practices for Model-to-Text Transformations
Markus Vöelter, Bernd Kolb, oAW, Germany

On the Specification of Textual Syntaxes for Models
Frédéric Jouault, Jean Bézivin, ATLAS Group (INRIA & LINA), France

MDE for Large projects: Today Needs and Tomorrow Standards
Etienne Juliot, Stéphane Lacrampe, OBEO Company, France

The "Usine Logicielle" Project in the French System@tic Cluster
Philippe Mils, Thales Research and Technology

The VIATRA2 Transformation Framework: Model transformation by Graph Transformation
Daniel Varro, Andras Balogh, Andras Pataricza, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The new Gentleware Eclipse Modeling Tool Based on GMF, EMF and UML2
Marko Boger, Gentleware AG

Eclipse Development Tools for Epsilon
Dimitrios Kolovos, Richard Paige, Fiona Polack, University of York, UK

Presentation of EMF Compare Utility
Antoine Toulme, Intalio Inc., USA

Towards Structured Revisions of Metamodels and Semi-Automatic Model Migration
Boris Gruschko, SAP Research, Germany

oAW xText: a framework for textual DSLs
Sven Efftinge, Markus Voelter, oAW, Germany

Application of MDSD for the development of automotive software development tools
Uwe Honekamp, Michael Hoffmann, Vector Informatik GmbH

Eclipse Modeling Project and OMG(tm) Standards
Richard C. Gronback, Borland Software Corporation

Graphical Modeling Framework Architecture
Alexander Shatalin, Artem Tikhomirov, Borland Software Corporation

Wolfgang Neuhaus, itemis GmbH


Prof. Dr. Jean Bezivin

Model Driven Engineering (MDE) promotes the usage of models as first class entities in most parts of the software production and maintenance processes. Eclipse open source technology is providing unprecedented opportunities for MDE to be known, to rapidly mature and to prove that it represents a real alternative to software development practices. The ability to use metamodeling techniques for rapidly building Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) is seen as an important advantage of the Eclipse framework.

The creation of the new Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP) has made this even more concrete, more structured, more visible and is giving a high momentum to many MDE initiatives in different application fields like aeronautics, automotive, data intensive systems, business information systems, enterprise interoperability, reverse engineering and many more. The purpose of the Eclipse Modeling Symposium is to explore present or future applications of the Eclipse EMP platform in industry, research and education. Topics for the symposium include, but are not limited to:

See the symposia format page for a description of how this Symposium will be held.

Jean Bezivin is professor of Computer Science at the University of Nantes, France. He got his Master degree from the University of Grenoble and Ph.D. from the University of Rennes . Since 1980 he has been very active in Europe in the object-oriented community, starting the ECOOP series of conference (with Pierre Cointe), the TOOLS series of conferences (with Bertrand Meyer), and more recently the MoDELS/UML series of conferences (with Pierre-Alain Muller). He founded in 1979, at the University of Nantes, one of the first Master programs in Software Engineering entirely devoted to Object Technology (Data Bases, Concurrency, Languages and Programming, Analysis and Design, etc.). His present research interests include model engineering and more especially the techniques of model transformation applied to data engineering and to software forward and reverse engineering. He is a member and deputy-lead of the ATLAS group, a new INRIA team created at the University of Nantes in relation with the LINA CNRS Lab. He has published many papers and organized tutorials and workshops in the domains of concurrency, simulation, object-oriented programming, and model-driven engineering. On the subjects of model-driven engineering and MDA, he has recently been leading the OFTA industrial group in France, co-animating a CNRS specific action and the Dagstuhl seminar #04101. He is a member of the ECOOP and UML steering committees. He was co-chair of the ECOOP'2006 conference organized in Nantes.


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