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Managing large scale Eclipse adoption in IBM

John Kellerman (IBM)

Wednesday, 11:45, 45 minutes | Fils




John Kellerman

Eclipse is a key technology in a large and growing number of IBM software products. Consequently, IBM's participation in the open source projects and at the Eclipse Foundation is many-faceted. Managing and coordinating these dependencies and interactions is challenging. This session will present strategies for corporate teams working on Eclipse-based projects and interacting with the greater Eclipse community. In addition, we'll look at what's required to operate at the intersection of a large corporation and an open-source community, balancing the needs and demands of each. From this session, you'll come away with a better understanding of how to work with the Eclipse community, to help your company work with the Eclipse community, and to achieve success for your projects.

John joined IBM in 1984 with a computer science degree from Purdue University. He's since completed graduate degrees in Computer Engineering at North Carolina State and Business Administration at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He has spent the majority of his years at IBM in the development and management of application development tool products, including ISPF/PDF, VisualAge Smalltalk, VisualAge Generator, and Eclipse. John was a founding member of the Eclipse project. He is currently Manager, Eclipse Strategy, IBM. His responsibilities include working closely on behalf of IBM with eclipse.org, the non-profit Eclipse Foundation, and the member companies to help grow the Eclipse community of contributors and commercial offerings both inside and outside of IBM. Finally, John co-authored the award winning book, Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse. See www.jdg2e.com.


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