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Tour of the Web Tools Platform Project

Tim Wagner (BEA) and David Williams (IBM)

Wednesday, 16:15, 45 minutes | G. Saal




Tim Wagner


David Williams

In this presentation, David Williams and Tim Wagner of the WTP PMC present an overview of the WTP project. WTP provides Eclipse users with ready-to-use tools for editing and deploying a wide range of applications built on web and J2EE technologies. For adopters, WTP provides a corresponding set of APIs and services with which vendors produce their own high-quality commercial and open source offerings. Attendees will gain a basic knowledge of the WTP tools and features, including some of the newest functionality being incubated for AJAX and Java Server Faces (JSF) tooling.

Dr. Wagner is Director of Engineering for BEA's Workshop group, and he has held a number of roles related to J2EE tooling, IDE development, and compiler technology within the company. In the Eclipse community he serves as WTP PMC lead, as well as being an elected committer representative to the Eclipse Board of Directors and a former EclipseCon program chair. Dr. Wagner's interests include metadata-driven development and other language-based techniques for driving ease-of-use concerns at the tooling and application level.

David is a senior programmer/team-lead at IBM's RTP Lab. For the past 4 years he has been responsible for the family of "Structured Source Editors" in the WebSphere Studio line of products (this includes source editing for XML, HTML, JSP, CSS, and JavaScript). Prior to this, he was a lab-based service consultant, directly helping IBM’s customers adapt object oriented technology (using Smalltalk and then later Java) and designing web-based applications. David assumed leadership of the Web Standard Tools subproject for the WTP 2.0 release.


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