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Aperi Storage Management

Christoph Reichert (IBM)

Wednesday, 9:30, 25 minutes | Jagst




Christoph Reichert

Enterprise management applications face unique deployment, scalability, and serviceability challenges. The Aperi Project seeks to overcome this by creating a vendor-neutral, open, storage management framework to promote interoperability, eliminate complexity and incompatibility, foster greater opportunity for innovation, and provide a greater choice and added-value functionality for end-users.

Leveraging the Eclipse Platform and the SMI-S standard, the Aperi project intends to develop an extensible storage management application framework and an initial set of exemplary, exploiting applications. The framework will include standards-based services for control, discovery, and monitoring of heterogeneous storage devices including file systems, fabric switches, SAN switches, tape devices, disk arrays, and NAS filers.

Christoph joined IBM in 1997 with a diploma in applied computer science from the Bingen University of Applied Science in Germany. For several years, he wrote custom applications for the Lotus Notes and the IBM WebSphere Application Server platform. In 2004, he changed to Tivoli TotalStorage Software development, working on storage management products such as IBM Multiple Device Manager for Disk and IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center. His specialty, on this multi-national team, is with the SMI-S based storage device management features of those products. As an initial committer to the Eclipse Aperi Storage Management Project, Christoph brings his storage management experience and standards knowledge to the community.


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