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Rich Client Applications Symposium

Dr. Christian Wege (DaimlerChrysler AG)

Thursday, 9:30, 3 hours | Rems

Selected Position Papers

RCP and Eclipse prove to be a key part of the Strategy for the creation of Standards
Martin Roberts, BT plc

Application of XML based markup languages for implementing Eclipse Rich Client applications (RCML)
Aleksey Aristov, Weigle Wilczek GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Marco Litto, Mind8 GmbH

RCP Development Experience Sharing
Zhuo Zhang, Qiang Song, GaoZhong Liang, IBM China Software Development Lab

Marcus Harringer, MicroDoc GmbH

Eclipse RCP as a foundation for J2EE based application clients in an enterprise environment
Stefan Bohm, IT-Designers GmbH

Eclipse RCP: A Platform for Building Platforms
Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation


Dr. Christian Wege

With the introduction of the Rich Client Platform (RCP), Eclipse became the pick of the bunch for many companies who are working on rich client application development projects.

This is true not only for IT providers, but also for typical IT consumers (e.g. in the automotive industry). Eclipse provides a stable basis, so that application developers can concentrate on solving the business problems at hand instead of creating a technical framework. But there is still a lot missing to be a truly universal platform. Since Eclipse has its roots in the IDE area, the RCP lacks features which are needed in an enterprise context (e.g. integration with enterprise security systems, client/server communication support, etc.). Also, Eclipse is built for IT professionals. Typical application users often require other human-computer interaction concepts (like specific widgets or interaction schemes). Today, many application development projects create their own concepts and custom components to fill the gap.

This symposium aims at collecting experiences and requirements in this field. As a minimal goal it results in a wish list for further development of the RCP. But it might also identify redundant work, which could result in new projects (e.g. hosted by Eclipse Foundation), where companies share efforts to create components which support their day to day business needs.

See the symposia format page for a description of how this Symposium will be held.

Dr. Christian Wege is a software engineer at DaimlerChrysler. He works on enterprise application architectures and Eclipse technologies and is an expert in agile methods.


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