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Innoopract   Innoopract is a leading provider of Eclipse enterprise solutions. We support enterprises with products and services on their path to embrace Eclipse as a strategic application or tooling platform. The flagship product Yoxos is a management solution to test, assemble and distribute enterprise specific Eclipse environments. Companies using Eclipse as an application platform (RCP) may also adopt the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) to web-enable their applications. While the technology itself is available at eclipse.org, Innoopract provides tooling and a subscription service for updates. Innoopract is a co-founder of the Eclipse Foundation and supports major automotive, IT and financial service companies through offices in Karlsruhe, Munich and Portland, USA (For more information visit: www.innoopract.com)
Jochen Krause   Jochen Krause is a member of the Eclipse Board of Directors and CEO of Innoopract Informationssysteme GmbH. At Innoopract he is responsible for the Eclipse strategies and the technology- and product area. Jochen has experience in the automotive, in the retail and in the embedded software sector, from the strategical as well as from the technical point of view. You can ask Jochen about:
- Experience as Eclipse Member
- Strategies for adopting and managing Eclipse as tool or client platform
Frank Appel   Frank Appel, is in charge of the W4T-Technology and the Rich AJAX Platform (RAP) at Innoopract. He is a specialist for web-based Eclipse-applications, Plugin-Development, PDE and EMF. Frank has a long work experience in the automotive and retail sector. You can talk to Frank about:
- Possibilities and Solutions for webbased applications
- The eclipse.org projekt Rich AJAX Plattform (RAP)
Leif Frenzel   Leif Frenzel, is senior architect at Innoopract and has the project lead of Yoxos, the first Eclipse-Distribution. Leif has expert knowledge in architecture of Eclipse-based systems, Eclipse Platform API's and IDE-Development. His area of expertise are solutions to test, assemble and distribute Eclipse components to build company-specific development environments. Leif worked in the automotive and telecommunication sector. You can ask Leif about:
- Managing Eclipse in enterprises
- Architecture and testing of Eclipse-based systems
Markus Knauer   Markus Knauer, works as Eclipse developer and consultant at Innoopract. Markus has a great experience in developing toolplatfoms for embedded devices and in grid computing. He is the responsible architect in the g-Eclipse project and currently working on multiple projects developing Eclipse-based SDKs. Markus has experience in the automotive and the embedded sector. You can ask Markus about:
- Toolplatforms for embedded devices and
- g-Eclipse
Elias Volanakis   Elias Volanakis, is an Eclipse developer and consultant at Innoopract, a recognized specialist in Eclipse Distribution and Web Application Development tools. He has contributed to the GEF and CDT projects. Nowadays he is heavily involved in projects that develop Eclipse-based tools and applications, helping to build them on top of Eclipse in the best possible ways. Elias has great experience in the IT and automotive sector. You can ask him about:
- extensible Tool Platforms
- building GEF- and CDT-based applications
- the Yoxos Eclipse Distribution


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