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CDT New DOM and Index Architecture

Doug Schaefer (QNX)

Wednesday, 11:45, 45 minutes | G. Saal




Doug Schaefer

One of the main benefits of using a powerful Integrated Development Environment such as Eclipse is the productivity gains achieved when the IDE is capable of building code models for the userís projects. These code models enable features such as content assist, search, and various other source code navigation features that help the user better understand the system they are working on. The CDT provides this capability for C/C++ projects with its DOM (Document Object Model) which includes parsers, abstract syntax trees, semantic analysis algorithms, and an index of various symbols in a project. This presentation provides an introduction to the CDT and its DOM architecture. It also discusses the possibilities of using this architecture for other languages such as Fortran and C#.

Doug Schaefer is a Senior Software Developer at QNX Software Systems and the Project Lead for the Eclipse CDT project. Doug has been involved in the software development tools industry for over a decade including stints at Nortel Networks, ObjecTime, Rational, and IBM. He has focused mainly on software modelling with particular interest in parsing, code models, and code generation. Now with QNX, he has also re-acquired his enthusiasm for embedded systems development where he started his career.


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