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Test Driven Development for the Embedded Systems Space

Gerald Harris (Harman Becker Automotive Systems)

Thursday, 9:30, 3 hours | Enz

Selected Position Papers

Test-Driven Development for the Embedded Systems Space
Gerald Harris, Harman Becker Automotive Systems

Model driven System Engineering, integrated Process and Data Management are key to improved testability and system integration quality
Wolfgang Krenzer, IBM ESLM

Test Driven Development for the Embedded Systems Space
Doug Gaff, DSDP Project Lead, Wind River Systems

Test driven development approach demands sophisticated tool support for being accepted and successful
Christine Mitterbauer, MicroDoc GmbH

The elements of an embedded system are numerous and complex. The classical single CPU embedded application is an endangered species. Modern systems are distributed across multiple processing elements, often across multiple CPU's. Robust performance, graceful failure and automatic recovery from errors are standard requirements. Common software components include FPGA-firmware, DSP-firmware, RTOS, drivers, 3rd party application software and proprietary application software. Testing as an accompaniment of the development process is an essential element of the quality assurance concept.

Testing must start at the lowest possible level with verification of basic functionality and interfaces. This is classical functional testing. As the level of abstraction of software rises, so also must the flexibility and sophistication of the test tooling so as to include validation of interfaces, semantics and functional scenarios. Ideally testing will be part of the development process and will be perceived as a personal responsibility of by each developer. Testing will be automated, impersonal, reproducible and objective.

See the symposia format page for a description of how this Symposium will be held.

Gerald Harris is a director of Software Architecture at Harman/Becker Automotive Systems, focused on the area of developing automotive infotainment systems. Gerald has over 20 years experience in systems engineering, developing magnetic imaging systems for several transnational Medical systems corporations. Gerald has a BS in Mathematics from UC Irvine and Diplom Mathematik from Georgia Augusta Universitaet, Goettingen and currently lives with his family close to Stuttgart.


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