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Track Descriptions

Join us for the Eclipse Summit Europe 2006! The program consists of several unique opportunities to explore and network in the Eclipse Community.


The Eclipse Summit Symposia are designed to provide opportunities for open exchange among members of the Eclipse community. The symposia format focuses participation on live discussion and collaboratively generating conclusions, recommendations, and ideas. You'll find a detailed description on the Symposia Format page.


Callisto Project Updates

The Callisto Project Updates will provide information on the projects and help to inform the community about the evolution of a project within Eclipse. These talks will cover project status, core functionality and plans for the next release.

New and Noteworthy

The New and Noteworthy Projects track consists of short (20 minute) presentations covering project status and core functionalities for both new projects at Eclipse, and more mature but nonetheless noteworthy projects . This track is also meant to help inform the community about the evolution of Eclipse projects, at the same time to invite participation from the community.

The Foundation Track

The Foundation track is targeted for members and those in the community interested in the experiences, structures and key concepts that form the groundwork of the Eclipse Foundation. The track includes experience reports by current members, as well as information about the Eclipse governance model. These talks are also 45 minutes in length and will provide an interesting two days for current and potential members and organizations considering adopting open source as part of their software strategy.


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