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Implementing a Model-Driven Assembly, Build & Release Process using Buckminster

Henrik Lindberg (Cloudsmith)

Wednesday, 9:55, 20 minutes | Jagst



This presentation provides an overview and demonstration of the upcoming latest release of the Eclipse technology project Buckminster and how it can be used to implement a complete model driven assembly, build and release process.

We will present Buckminster's key features and architecture. We will also demonstrate how Buckminster automates configuration, build and release tasks facing a typical Eclipse project consisting of multiple components from multiple teams. The demo scenario will include materialization of components in different forms (source, binary, etc.) from different types of repositories (Eclipse update sites, CVS, SVN, Maven, etc.). Demonstrated functionality will include Buckminster's new support for Actions, which can be used to support an entire project i.e. configuring the Eclipse IDE for editing and compiling the appropriate source; building from within the IDE; managing headless builds; executing tests; release-packaging of components; and controlled releases to other teams, projects and the public.

Henrik is CTO and a founder of Cloudsmith Inc., the sponsor of the Eclipse technology project Buckminster, which provides tools for assembling and materializing components within the Eclipse environment. Prior to Cloudsmith, Henrik was the Director of Engineering of BEA's Java Run Time Products Group, a 60-person engineering organization responsible for the JRockit Java Virtual Machine, the industry performance leader in server-side Java. While at BEA, Henrik contributed to Buckminster as a top level architect. Henrik was also CTO and a founder of Frameworx, a venture-funded pioneer in SOA development and runtime frameworks for J2EE, where he was lead architect of an integrated application framework based on a patent-protected six-layer logical and principal implementer of Frameworx Java/Swing-based graphical IDE and debugger. Prior to Frameworx, Henrik held CTO and top technical management positions at IMI and Astea, NASDAQ-listed companies that were early leaders in supply chain execution and CRM application software, respectively. Henrik also co-founded and was CTO of Abalon AB, the first vendor of three-tier client/server CRM applications. Earlier technical work includes Henrik's design and implementation of a virtual machine for a Java-like language with built in abstractions for operating systems, graphical user interfaces and object to relational mapping, several years prior to the start of Sun's Java project.


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