Language Servers at Eclipse Converge

by Gorkem Ercan

The Language Server Protocol (LSP) is a relatively new technology that is already having an impact on how language tooling is built. It has been gaining traction in language tooling communities and naturally, the Eclipse community is at the center of it.

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EclipseConverge Highlights: Gradle, JUnit 5, Enterprise Javascript

by Frederic Ebelshaeuser

Eclipse Converge is around the corner, and we have already started the countdown. I'll be attending Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US with three of my Yatta colleagues, and we are really excited about meeting our friends from the Eclipse community in San Jose. Plus, we look forward to lots of great talks on interesting topics. My personal highlights include:

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Learn about Working with Eclipse Che and Docker, the Language Server Protocol, Spring Boot, and more!

by Stévan Le Meur

Eclipse Converge takes place in one month so its time to check the program and plan your sessions! If you are interested in learning more about Cloud technologies such as Eclipse Che and Docker, and the Language Server Protocol I would recommend the following talks:

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Speaker Pitch: JUnit 5 with Eclipse

by Noopur Gupta

JUnit 5 is emerging as the next generation test framework. It's exciting to see this redesigned version of the most widely used testing library in Java. It addresses the limitations of previous versions making it ready for the modern era. Eclipse is embracing JUnit 5 in its tooling and you can already give it a spin...

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Speaker Pitch: Why do programmers become lost in their own code?

by Brian Alwis, program committee

Brian de Alwis gives us an intriguing pitch for his talk on Ferret, a powerful search tool for the Eclipse IDE

Why do programmers become lost in their own code? How can Alfred Hitchcock help?

Many programmers report becoming disoriented when examining source code. They lose track of where they are, and can't remember why they were looking at a particular program element. It's confusing and annoying, and an under-appreciated phenomenon. And it doesn't have to be this way.

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