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President and CEO


Cortland is a Purdue engineer (EE ’88), entrepreneur, teacher and engineering manager. His career started at IBM developing embedded controllers for disk drive arrays where he began modeling using Structured Analysis and Structured Design (SA/SD) and then Shlaer-Mellor Object Oriented Analysis (pre-xtUML). His team delivered the first-ever-at-IBM OOA-modeled product with true code generation. He worked 7 years at Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (now BASi) establishing a foundation of embedded software control for a range of electrochemical and biomechanical instruments many of which are in use today. During this time Starrett pioneered C model translation of xtUML and founded ROX Software Inc to deliver this technology to the commercial world through Project Technology Inc. Mentor Graphics acquired this technology and asked Starrett to grow it within Mentor, which he did for 10 years. Cortland is now founder and president of One Fact Inc.

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