Mon, 2016-02-08 14:50

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IBM is proud to be among the founders of the Eclipse Foundation, and to be sponsoring EclipseCon again. In 2001, IBM was a founding member of the Eclipse consortium and the not-for-profit Eclipse Foundation in 2004. Today IBM continues as a Strategic Member of the Eclipse Foundation.

Eclipse open source projects continue to be core to hundreds of IBM offerings including our exciting cloud platform, Bluemix, built on a foundation of open source technology and communities. We invite you to learn about Bluemix and how it supports an ever increasing variety of apps, workloads, and services across a combination of public and private clouds. Deploy directly from Eclipse with our free Eclipse Tools for Bluemix.

Be sure and sign up for a free Bluemix trial and try Liberty for JavaTM , our DevOps Services, or any of our other Bluemix services and runtimes. Liberty for JavaTMprovides an enterprise OSGi Programming Model to run applications on IBM Bluemix, and the Liberty runtime is built on the rock-solid Eclipse Equinox technology. Our DevOps Services for Bluemix leverages the groundbreaking Eclipse Orion browser-based open tool integration platform. Give IBM Bluemix a try today!

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