Winning the Battle against Automated Testing


Everybody wants to invest in automated testing solution because it saves money and improves quality. But usually after the initial investment of time and resources in implementation and few months of happy running it starts breaking, then stops working completely, then it is abandoned. How do you prevent this from happening? How can you make it easier for developers and testers to keep it up?

I want to share my experience with creating automated testing solutions for eclipse based projects and describe what worked and what did not. This talk will include descriptions of several testing frameworks and why some of them failed. Testing frameworks discussed will include JUnit, Mockito, SWTBot, Window Tester, Jubula, Squish and some in-house frameworks. I also will describe how to take advantage of static analysis for testing.

I will share tips and tricks on how to design your code with testing in mind and how to create effective test cases and integrate testing into your development process in order to reduce the chance of automated testing abandonment.


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Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 10:30 to 11:05


EMF Compare, EGerit, ECP... and probably many other I don't know of. It really is gaining a momentum and it would be a shame to exclude it from your review. Thanks for considering it.
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