Wed, 2015-11-25 07:29

Eclipse on Broadway - the easiest way to run Eclipse on the browser

Broadway is, along with X and Wayland, a drawing backend provided by GTK UI toolkit. The special thing about Broadway is that it draws on the browser using HTML5 and websockets. This means that you can run your Eclipse/RCP/SWT application and have it rendered not as desktop application but in the browser with Broadway thus allowing fully transparent networking.

Mon, 2015-11-16 23:46

Scaling Eclipse on high dpi (dots per inch) monitors. Challenges and Solutions

In the recent past the monitor technology has changed dramatically. There is a tremendous decrease in pixel size which resulted in high dpi monitors. The operating systems are designed with the assumption we have 72 dpi for Mac and 96 dpi for Windows and unix. Before the advent of "Retina" display this used to be the case. But with Retina displays the dpi started increasing. Now the application looks quite small on high dpi monitors to the naked eye. As the dpi increases the smaller the application looks. This presentation covers the challenges faced in resolving this problem

Mon, 2015-11-02 11:47

Building Modern UI for Eclipse RCP

Eclipse 4 has new tools for building RCP applications including pluggable presentation engine, CSS support, dependency injection and more. Does it make Eclipse attractive for building modern applications?

Our company is working on an Eclipse-based IDE for cross-platform mobile app development. The primary competitors of our product are Xamarin Studio, PhoneGap and Qt. Besides including several killer features to our product, we were faced with the necessity to pay close attention to the RCP user interface.

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