Succeed with Eclipse: Large Scale


At our company we are scaling Eclipse technologies to the large. Not only do we have a whole lot of developers around the globe working with the Eclipse IDE that need to be synchronized and updated, but we also develop really huge applications based on Eclipse RCP (700+ plugins).

In this talk, I want to present to you which problems (and of course which solutions to those problems) lie on the road to successfully leverage the power of the Eclipse IDE and the Eclipse RCP platform (both on client and server side) in such environments - a summary of nearly 10 years of experience.

Technologies that we use and I want to talk about include but may not be limited to:
* Eclipse IDE/JDT
* Eclipse RCP
* E4 platform
* Eclipse RAP
* Xtext/Xtend

I will also show what we added to the IDE ourselves, lacking other solutions. I hope for a vital discussion on which parts would be interesting for others as well, so we can contribute back to Eclipse.

In the talk I will focus mainly on the IDE side, only talking about our applications if there is enough time. Questions/Discussions regarding both our actual applications as well as the IDE part are welcome though!

There is a lot of people that talk about how easy it is to get started with various technologies, now let me show you how we put the puzzle together to succeed large scale! Having a proper setup not only helps us getting our work done in a more satisfying way, but also helps us in getting more work done with the same staff.


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Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 11:15 to 11:50