The State of Docker and Vagrant Tooling in Eclipse


Docker and Vagrant is growing in popularity since they're seen as a way to simplify testing/deployment across platforms. The Eclipse integration for these plugins can be useful separately, but there is also potential to use them in combination.

The Eclipse Docker Tooling has evolved significantly since it's Mars release, gaining more stability, and many new features such as Docker Machine support, TM Terminal integration, run configurations for containers, and a variety of UI improvements. We will be demonstrating these new features in this talk.

Vagrant is a higher-level wrapper that allows one to manage virtual environments in a uniform manner regardless of the hypervisor (eg. VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V, KVM).

The Linux Tools Project, has been working on a set of plugins to provide Vagrant Tooling in the Eclipse IDE as a separate perspective. One can do everything from managing Vagrant boxes, configuring the Vagrantfile, creating virtual machines, and interacting with them from the comfort of the Eclipse IDE.

This talk will cover :
- New features in the Eclipse Docker Tooling with appropriate demos
- Basic introduction to Vagrant
- Introducing and demonstrating the new Eclipse Vagrant Tooling
- Using the Vagrant Tooling to get a Docker Daemon on non-Linux Systems (similar to boot2docker/Docker Machine)
- Obstacles faced in development of Eclipse Vagrant and Docker Tooling
- Technical (3rd party libs/api, Orbit), Legal (CQs, Works-With CQs), Testing (Linux/Mac/Windows)
- Future plans for these Eclipse plugins


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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 17:00 to 18:00