Real-Time System Troubleshooting with Eclipse Trace Compass


In time critical systems, late data is bad data. It is important that the system reacts within its specified deadline. Fly-by-wire on aircraft or VOIP communication are classic examples. There is a need for timing analysis. The Trace Compass team is excited to show its new timing analysis features. This talk shows the proposed workflow to identify and solve timing issues. As trace events have timing information, this is used to locate the problematic areas of the system over time. Then when the scope is narrowed, more fine-grained analyses within Trace Compass will be used to identify the cause of individual timing aberrations.

This talk demonstrates how to find spurious timing glitches in your systems, independently of the programming language. Topics covered by this talk:

  • Domain specific configuration of timing analyses on the fly.
  • Other timing analyses to find problem areas and predict potential problem areas.
  • New analyses on those areas showing the root cause of the delays.
  • Unrelated poorly behaving processes will be highlighted.
  • Thread and hardware allocation analysis.
  • Some device driver's impact on system performance is shown.


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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 16:15 to 16:50