Preparing your code for JDK 9


As Java has learned new tricks like Lambdas and functional programming, it still retains binary compatibility with over a decade worth of libraries. Learn some important things to consider in your upgrade to Java 9: where to find early access releases and how to analyze library dependencies for unintentional reliance internal APIs.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 11:15 to 11:50


Hey! Some more details would be great. Is this talk purely on library analysis and usage of internal APIs (and how to find those)? Would be great to hear a bit more about what is going to be presented.

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Do you want them in the abstract itself?
I'm mainly looking to walk through JDeps and library analysis. For example we have a page at that explains which internal APIs have known replacements so that people can act on the JDeps results.
I'll also do a little bit about jigsaw module exports, of which internal APIs are exposed and to control exposure of your own code.

Time permitting, I can talk about some of the work we've done with the Quality Outreach Campaign ( to help different groups find their own reliance on these APIs.

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