Papyrus for Real Time: Executable modeling on Eclipse


Papyrus for Real Time (Papyrus-rt) officially became a new Eclipse project and a PolarSys solution in April 2015. In August, the first official release, at v0.7, was provided to the user community.

What is Papyrus for Real Time?

Modelling tools targeting cyber-physical systems (CPS) have traditionally been the purview of large, commercial software vendors, and are often based on decades-old technology. With the continued growth of open source software, the time is right to bring out new, open source tooling that takes advantage of up-to-date standards and modern modeling technologies and infractructure.

With its extensive support to define and implement domain specific modelling languages based on UML and its built-in implementations of standard UML profiles such as SysML and MARTE, Eclipse's Papyrus project, also a PolarSys solution, offers an ideal base on which to build such a tool.

Based on this, Papyrus for Real Time offers a UML for Real Time model-based development environment that enables its users to create models that fully and correctly generate code for complex embedded applications. Papyrus for Real time includes a customizable runtime service layer that abstracts and adapts to the underlying targeted hardware platform.

This session shows, though presentation and demos, how the new Papyrus for Real Time Eclipse project provides these features to address the needs of the CPS community through its user interface, code generator, and runtime services, from system engineering to executing a standalone application.

Finally, we will present our vision for current and future work such as support for other "real-time" modelling approaches, performance, multicore support, tracing and debugging, multi-platform support, and model-based testing.

If you are system or software architect or designer working on reactive systems in CPS, embedded or other domains that wants to understand how executable modelling can help you, then this session is for you!


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Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 14:30 to 15:05