Open Geospatial Consortium SensorThings API and MQTT - an open standard-based cloud solution for IoT network and data interoperability


This talk will present the OGC® SensorThings API specification and its MQTT extension, a new OGC® standard for IoT data interoperability that simplifies and accelerates the development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.  The IoT marketplace is a rapidly growing space with companies developing their own version and interpretation of an IoT platform. Unfortunately many IoT silos have emerged. There is a growing need to have a standards-based solution to truly realize the vision of having a connected world where sensors from across different disciplines can utilize a single API and provide enriched metadata to form a system of systems. We will present and demonstrate the OGC® SensorThings API. SensorThings API is semantically rich (based on the OGC/ISO Observation and Measurement), very easy to use (RESTful and JSON), built for real-time applications (MQTT extension) and it allows for simple modeling of the observations, the physical world and the sensors used to observe and measure real phenomena in it. The demonstration will also showcase the OGC® SensorThings API MQTT extension based on Eclipse Paho and Mosquitto. We will also brief our plan to submit a new Eclipse open source project based on the OGC® SensorThings API.

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