Node4J: Running Node.js in a JavaWorld


Node.js and server side JavaScript are powerful technologies, although they do not stand on their own in enterprise environments, where Java has been the reigning force for many years. Bridging Node.js and Java provides a much sought after migration path for many Java developers who are moving to their systems to JavaScript. Last year we opened sourced J2V8, a rich set of bindings for Google's V8 JavaScript runtime, this year we built upon that work to bring Node.js to JVM.

In this talk we will introduce Node4J, our NodeJS bindings for the JVM and demonstrate it in action. We will explore the performance characteristics and highlight tools that will help you develop, debug and deploy NodeJS applications running directly on the JVM. We will explain how we integrated NodeJS, with Java through a JNI bridge, and demonstrate how you can use this technology to bridge the gap between JavaScript and Java.


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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 11:00 to 11:35